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OTRC: Shia LaBeouf 'retiring from all public life' (Poll)

Shia LaBeouf appears at the premiere of 'The Company You Keep' in New York City on March 26, 2013. (Kristina Bumphrey/Startraksphoto.com)

Shia LaBeouf announced on his Twitter account on Friday, Jan. 10, that he was "retiring from all public life.

"In light of the recent attacks against my artistic integrity, I am retiring from all public life," LaBeouf wrote in his tweet.

He later added, "My love goes out to those who have supported me."

"#stopcreating," he wrote in another tweet.

The announcement comes after LaBeouf's recent plagiarism controversy. In December, LaBeouf released a short film called "HowardCantour.com." Several outlets noticed similarities between the film and Daniel Clowes' 2007 comic "Justin M. Damiano."

Clowes commented on the controversy to Buzzfeed shortly after the film was released.

"I've never even seen one of his films that I can recall -- and I was shocked, to say the least, when I saw that he took the script and even many of the visuals from a very personal story I did six or seven years ago and passed it off as his own work," Clowes said in a statement to Buzzfeed. "I actually can't imagine what was going through his mind."

LaBeouf eventually admitted he didn't properly credit Clowes' work as the inspiration for his short film. Then earlier this month, he apologized to the author by comissioning a skywriting message over Los Angeles that simply said, "I am sorry Daniel Clowes."

Another development in the LaBeouf and Clowes saga came earlier this week when LaBeouf tweeted an image of a story board for his next short film called "Daniel Boring" on Jan. 8.

On Jan. 9, the actor posted a cease and desist letter in several Tweets that was allegedly from a lawyer named Michael J. Kump to Brian G. Wolf, who, according to the letter, is LaBeouf's lawyer. The letter claims that LaBeouf is committing another act of infringement on Clowes' work and that his new film "Daniel Boring" is similar to a comic series and graphic novel by Clowes called "David Boring."

Wolf also also claims in the alleged letter that the story board images are similar to the artwork in Clowes' "David Boring" comic and that LaBeouf's description of the film in the actor's tweet was actually a quote Clowes said while describing "David Boring."

What do you think of LaBeouf's claims that he'll retire "from all public life"? Do you think he means it? Vote in our poll below.

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