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OTRC: Melissa Gilbert talks dating Tom Cruise and more: 3 highlights (Video)

Melissa Gilbert appears on 'Watch What Happens Live' on Jan. 22, 2014. (Charles Sykes / Bravo)

Melissa Gilbert appeared on "Watch What Happens Live" on Wednesday, Jan. 22, and the former "Little House on the Prairie" star was candid about dating Tom Cruise and her feelings toward Shannen Doherty.

Check out three highlights from her appearance on the show and a video of her talking about Cruise below.

1. She once dated Tom Cruise, but they only "made out."

Gilbert, 49, said on the show she started dating Cruise when he was a struggling actor and was still going by his birth name.

"When I dated him he was Tom Mapother still," she said in response to a caller's question. "It was when he first moved to Los Angeles and I think I was ... 16? 17?"

Andy Cohen, host of "Watch What Happens Live," then remarked that Cher said on the talk show that Cruise was "one of the best lovers she's ever had." However, Gilbert said the two only "made out."

"He was a good kisser, but you know, he was like a struggling, starving actor and I was working," she said. "I actually bought him his first set of dishes."

The actress briefly talks about dating Cruise in her 2009 book "Prairie Tales." She wrote that the two went on a few dates, "made out in my mom's living room" and that Cruise was "nice, funny and sweet. But it wasn't like being hit with an arrow."

2. Gilbert admitted she would "punch" Shannen Doherty.

Gilbert wrote in "Prairie Tales" that Doherty, who appeared with her in several episodes of "Little House on the Prairie," had a one-night stand with her first husband, Bo Brinkman. The encounter occurred while Brinkman and Gilbert were on a "trial separation." The two divorced in 1994 after six years of marriage.

Cohen asked Gilbert during a segment called "Melissa Spill-bert," "If you saw her [Doherty] on the street today, what would you say to her?"

"I wouldn't say anything," Gilbert replied, "I would just punch her in the nose."

3. She sort of disses Rob Lowe.

Gilbert and Lowe began dating on-and-off when they were 17 and the two became engaged in 1986. In a 2009 interview with the "Today" show to promote her book, Gilbert said that shortly after the two became engaged, the actress found out she was pregnant and when she told Lowe the news, he broke up with her. Gilbert then suffered a miscarriage.

"We broke up. It ran its course. I think we were just too young," she said on the "Today" show.

She wrote about Lowe and their relationship in her book and Cohen asked Gilbert during "Watch What Happens Live," "What was Rob Lowe's reaction to the book?"

"He asked me to take out the word pretty when I referred to him," she said. "That was it. Just, 'Could you do one thing? Please don't call me pretty. I hate it when people call me pretty.'"

However, the "pretty" reference is still in her book. It is when she discusses the first time she met Lowe when he was 14.

"After a quick chat, I left with the impression he was cute, (actually he was almost pretty), sweet, and funny..." Gilbert wrote in her book.

Cohen later asked Gilbert during the "Melissa Spill-bert" segment, "What did you think of Rob Lowe's book?"

"Did he write a book," the actress replied and then smiled.

Cohen asked, "You didn't care for it, did you?"

"I don't know. I mean, maybe someone wrote it for him? I'm not sure," Gilbert said.

Check out Gilbert talking about Tom Cruise on "Watch What Happens Live" below.

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