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OTRC: 'RoboCop' star Joel Kinnaman talks film reboot: 3 highlights

Joel Kinnaman talks to OTRC.com about the 2014 film 'RoboCop' (February 2014 interview). (OTRC)

Joel Kinnaman is thrilled to be starring in the reboot of the classic 1987 film "RoboCop" -- a role the actor nearly passed on.

Kinnaman stars as Alex Murphy/RoboCop in the film, a part that was originated by Peter Weller. Set in 2028, the movie is said to be a "reimagining" of the "RoboCop" idea, as opposed to a traditional remake.

"RoboCop" also stars the likes of Gary Oldman, Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Keaton and Abbie Cornish. The action film hits theaters nationwide on Feb. 12.

Kinnaman sat down recently with OTRC.com to talk about the film, where he mentioned his love for the original as a child and how he almost didn't star in the current reboot.

WATCH videos of Kinnaman's interview with OTRC.com, as well as a trailer and clip from the movie, and check out 3 highlights from the interview below.

1. On loving the film as a kid and almost turning down the role ...

"My mom was a therapist and she wanted me to go see one of her colleagues because I couldn't stop doing the 'robowalk.' I was obsessed with the movie as a kid."

"It's some kind of full circle. I mean, for me it was just such an amazing thing to get to be a part of a movie a play opposite Gary Oldman and Michael Keaton and Samuel L. Jackson and Michael K. Williams. It was amazing and then also Jose Padilha, who I think is one of the [most] interesting directors in the world, and he was actually the reason that I wanted to do this movie."

"When I first heard that they were doing a remake of 'RoboCop,' I actually told my agents that I'm not interested and I'll see it in the theaters. But when I heard that he was gonna direct it, then I became very interested."

2. On what elements new and old moviegoers will see in the film ...

"We went for a completely different movement pattern. I think our futuristic vision of what a robot would look like is very different in 2014 than it would have been in 1986 when they made the original. But I did keep one of the movements that Peter Weller used when he moves his head first and the shoulders after, it was a little bit of an homage to his great physical acting."

"When I talked to Jose and we sat down and he told me the story he wanted to tell by using the concept of 'RoboCop' I mean, I was blown away because ... it's a very rare opportunity to make an action movie, you know, a big exciting action movie on a grand scale that also has a strong emotional core with a lot of drama, and also talks about some really interesting political and philosophical ideas."

3. On riding motorcycle in the movie ...

"I hadn't ridden a motorcycle since I was a little kid and was joyriding in the south side of Stockholm. So I had taken a motorcycle license to be able to do this movie. But it wasn't the easiest bike to ride because you're pretty much lying down on it."

"But that was exciting and some of the action sequences when we're doing training and we're in this amazing, run-down old power plant in Toronto that just looks ... I've never seen or been inside a building that looked like that and you have 20 stunt guys that are portraying drones and other robots and we have this whole maze where I run around shooting them I mean, I was pretty much going back to when I was eight years old when I was doing that."

Reporting by Cari Skillman of KABC Television, which produces the nationally syndicated entertainment show "On The Red Carpet" (check for local TV listings).

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