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OTRC: Gary Oldman talks 'RoboCop' film reboot: 3 highlights

Gary Oldman talks to OTRC.com about the 2014 film 'RoboCop' (February 2014 interview). (OTRC)

Gary Oldman brings to life "RoboCop" in the current reboot of the classic film, technology he says currently exists today.

Oldman portrays Dr. Dennett Norton, Chief Scientist at the Omni Foundation where RoboCop is created. Joel Kinnaman plays the role of Alex Murphy, who steps into the RoboCop role originated by Peter Weller. Taking place in 2028, the new film is more of a "re-imagination" of the original, rather than a by-the-numbers remake.

"RoboCop" also stars the likes of Abbie Cornish, Samuel L. Jackson and Michael Keaton. The film hits theaters nationwide on Feb. 12.

Oldman recently sat down with OTRC.com to talk about "RoboCop." He talked about being old fashioned when it comes to technology and how much of the gadgets they use in the film exist today.

WATCH videos of Oldman's interview with OTRC.com above, along with a trailer and clip from the film, and check out 3 highlights from the interview below.

1. On the technology used in the film ...

"A lot of the sort of gadgets, the technology we interact with in the film is pretty much around. It exists."

"They already kind of have man in machines don't they? Because of the work that you see Norton doing with arms and limbs and things. They can already do that. You can implant censors into the nerves and it can receive signals, so you can actually move hands and arms as an organic arm or leg. I think we'll have robots on the ground."

2. On not being dependent on technology ...

"I think we're in a world at the moment where that exists everywhere in every walk of life. I think at the moment, just because you can, is it better? And that technology seems to be running, kind of running away. It's got a whole life of its own at the moment. It scares me a little."

"I'm an analog guy. Different generation. You know, as much as I, you know, the iPhone's okay but ... I send hand-written cards to people. It's something satisfying about writing an address and sticking a stamp on the envelope. I'm just old fashioned I suppose."

3. How this "RoboCop" differs from the original ...

"It's a reworking of the original, for the reasons you mentioned. The first one was science fiction and this one now feels more like science fact. I think the technology is just caught up with the first one and it seemed like this very sort of distant."

"I mean, who would imagine drones back in '87, where you send an unpiloted craft and a guy thousands of miles away is operating it like a PlayStation. I mean interactive video and all of that just seemed incredible, the same way Dick Tracy's watch was a marvel. And now we have it."

Reporting by Cari Skillman of KABC Television, which produces the nationally syndicated entertainment show "On The Red Carpet" (check for local TV listings).

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