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OTRC: 'Bachelor' host Chris Harrison talks Juan Pablo, finale: 7 questions

'The Bachelor' host Chris Harrison talks to OTRC.com about season 18 of the series, which stars Juan Pablo Galavis, in an interview carried out at parent company KABC Television's studios near Los Angeles on Feb. 19, 2014.

(This is Part 2 of OTRC.com's interview with Chris Harrison. Check out Part 1 here.

Did Juan Pablo Galavis find love -- and a fairy tale ending on season 18 of ABC's "The Bachelor"?

Chris Harrison, host of the popular dating reality series, sat down with OTRC.com to talk about the current season. Check out the second part of our interview - includes 7 questions. Spoiler alert!

1. Q: Do you think viewers will be satisfied with how this ends or is there another way to describe this finale?

A: [Lets out a breath] "That's a great question. Um, I don't know if everyone's gonna leave this satisfied. That's not to say it doesn't end happily for him or for one of these young ladies, but I don't know if at the end of this, everyone's gonna be satisfied with how he is, how it plays out, how the women are. So I dunno. And again, that's not even close to saying that it doesn't end well. But it's a wild ride to the finish."

"I've been really amazed -- I'm always amazed -- at how, what the reaction is from our fans. I have my own inclination ... when I leave the show, 'cause I watch it all in real time. But when I see the reaction from people on Twitter or whatever it is, I always find it compelling to what they pick up on and they're really astute -- like the deal with Clare. There must be something else there that made him feel that guilty and I never thought of that. Again, it's a savvy audience these days."

2. Q: Then, does it surprise you that when Juan Pablo sat here talking to me and I asked him if he had it all over to do again, would he, and he said, 'Probably not'?

"No, it doesn't surprise me. Of all the people that have gone through this show, I could see him not wanting to do it again, 'cause again, I think, whether it's culture, whether it's whatever, it wasn't a great fit for him. The only thing you can hope is when you into these things, everybody gets into it with honest, sincere intentions. I know he did. He's a good guy and I know all the producers and all of us thought he was absolutely a great fit."

"But what I love about this show -- it's not predicated on the fact that this is Prince Charming and it's perfect and it's gonna end in this fairy tale and everybody's happy. That's not how life is. That's not how relationships are. And I like the fact that guess what -- he's not perfect. And the ending's not perfect. And some of these girls aren't falling head-over-heels in love with him. And you're gonna see it. And I like the fact that our show is about that. We're gonna show those fairy tale moments -- you're gonna see Sean and Catherine. But then, you're also gonna see what's about to play out here."

3. Q: If he were a single guy, still available, is there a woman in your life that you would love to hook him up with because you think it would be splendor?

"He could date my ex. [Laughs] ... I mean, Juan Pablo's a good guy. He is a good man. He means well. I've been around him a lot, off-camera, with his daughter and his mom and his dad, who I love to death. He's a great family guy. But 'The Bachelor' was a tough fit for him. He was really ... I don't know if he fully understood what it entailed and what it would involve and what it would take from him to really be successful at this and I think it was difficult. And it was a tough fit."

4. Q: You've used that term before -- 'He means well.' At home, that sometimes translates to, 'He's stupid.'

"Well, in Texas, we say, 'Bless his heart.' Or, with all due respect ... I just think that he, at times, he was a little bit over his head in regards that ... like, with the Clare situation in Vietnam, where, all of a sudden, the rules would change and he would move the goal post in the middle of the game and it would confuse the women sometimes. 'Where do I stand?' and 'How did I, all of a sudden, just offend you and your daughter?' and 'I thought we had a great night.' And I think Sharleen just went through that too, of, 'Part of me is so attracted to this guy, but there is not that cerebral connection.' And so, there is a lot of that coming up."

5. Q: Juan Pablo sat right where you are and told me that he hardly, really took his shirt off during filming and then, every time I watch the show and look at the screen, there he is without his shirt. So I don't know if that's really clever editing ...

"Right. And I'm sure he would say that he really didn't kiss that many girls or whatever. Look, I think once they get done [filming], they all would like to go back and rewrite history. I think we all have a perception of ourselves, of how cool we are and how cool we think we are, and you know, being on television, we're not. You're never as cool as you think you are. We're not George Clooney, we're not Brad Pitt. That's why those guys are who they are."

"But I'm guessing, considering what happened, he's gonna go back and hopefully, instead of trying to blame editing or blame anybody, he will learn from this and that's what I really love to see at the end of the show. If you come on -- you know, you talk about the questions I ask -- and what I really love is when people say, 'You know what? That was me. I've learned. I've changed. I'm different. I took that into account. I didn't love what I saw.' That's great, 'cause guess what? We all screw up. We all make mistakes. We're not perfect. And this is an extraordinary situation you're going through."

6. Q: Why do you keep picking single parents?

"Well, I think it's a sign of the times, more than anything. Obviously, we're not exclusive to single parents, we're not always gonna have a single parent. But if that person that we love or that, really, you, the fan loves and they turn out to be a single dad or a single mom, that's not gonna stop us and I think it's kind of a sign of the times. There's a lot more of us single parents out there in the dating world."

7. Q: Are there any plans to ever go with someone fresh as the Bachelor or Bachelorette or will you keep pulling from past seasons?

"I think the inclination is to go with someone we have, 'cause you have a built-in story. The hardest thing about any reality show -- really, any television show -- is to launch it. 'Why do I care? What's the story? Give me something I really care about.' So when we have that built in ... you already love Sean, you already cared -- or didn't like -- Juan Pablo. But either way, you have an opinion. And so that's how the show starts -- you have something tangible to start with and to launch it with."

"We always look for new people. We're casting non-stop, you know, around the clock, so if we have someone that'll blow your socks off, absolutely. But it's tough to just start a show and say, 'This is Ted. He's a banker from Nebraska.' 'Well, alright, but now I have to explain why you care about Ted' ... but if we've already built that story, you're there. You're with us and you wanna go on this adventure with him. But if George Clooney ... want to do that, fine, we'll go fresh. Derek Jeter? He's free now, retired."

Watch an extra video from our interview with Chris Harrison below.

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