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OTRC: Lena Headey talks '300: Rise Of An Empire,' 'vain' men: 3 highlights

Lena Headey, best known for her role as Cersei Lannister on the HBO show 'Game Of Thrones,' talks to OTRC.com in a March 2014 interview to promote the movie '300 Rise Of An Empire,' in which she reprises her role as Queen Gorgo, a part she played in the 2006 film '300.'

On "Game Of Thrones," Lena Headey could easily bring muscular men to their knees -- with Cersei's penetrating stare. In real life, she wants to ... bring them a Christmas sweater.

The actress sat down with OTRC.com to talk about reprising her "300" role as Queen Gorgo of Sparta in the sequel, "300: Rise Of An Empire," and showcased a sense of humor that's very much Lena and not so much Cersei. In other words, she was hilarious. Watch it above and check out three highlights below.

1. What it's like being around all those muscular men in "300: Rise Of An Empire" ...

"It's like being in a butcher shop. No. You know, it's cool. It's kinda boring after day 2," Headey told OTRC.com. "I kinda wanna bring everyone a Christmas sweater, be like, 'Can you just put that on?'"

"Listen, I love guys. Guys in this industry are vain ... not you, obviously," she said. "And you get in shape and you love it. And they love it. And so, there's lots of parading and it's just very funny to watch ... there's like 50 guys doing dumbbells."

2. Is Lena Headey a fan of history?

The film "300: Rise Of An Empire" depicts the second Persian invasion of Greece during the Greco-Persian wars, between 480 BC and 479 BC. Rodrigo Santoro reprises his role as Xerxes I of Persia.

"I wouldn't say I bogged myself in historical research, no. That would be a lie," Headey told OTRC.com." I just thought, you know, let's throw on the armor, give me a sword and let's have some fun."

3. Did Lena Headey just throw shade at "The Hunger Games"?

"I caught my own food as a child," the actress told OTRC.com. "Anything I could get a hold of. Yeah. 'Hunger Games' has got nothing on my childhood."

The movie "300: Rise Of An Empire" is set for release on Friday, March 7.

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