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OTRC: 'Hunger Games' star Willow Shields on Jennifer Lawrence and more (Video)

Willow Shields talks to OTRC.com in an interview on March 6, 2014.

When "The Hunger Games" franchise started filming back in 2011, Willow Shields was just 10 years old.

The now 13-year-old actress appears in the film series as Primrose Everdeen, the younger sister of Katniss (played by Jennifer Lawrence). Shields recently talked to OTRC.com about the release of "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" Blu-ray DVD. The actress also spoke about her relationship with Lawrence, growing up on screen and shooting the final films "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay" parts one and two.

Check out five highlights from the interview below and video from Willow Shields' interview above.

1. She and co-star Lawrence "are like sisters on set."

"We're like sisters on set and she's like the best person you could ever work with," Shields said. "She's so much fun. She's super sweet. I couldn't ask for a better person to work with."

The actress later added, "It's cool to grow up with such a cool role model because she is -- I mean she's been nominated for so many Oscars, she's won, so it's like you see that, but you also see her trip when she's there and she's like, 'Ok, whatever. It's fine.' You know and she's so natural and normal that she's also there winning an Oscar. So it's a great thing to look up to."

2. She warned Lawrence about tripping at the Oscars again ... and she still tripped.

"I said [to Lawrence], 'Don't trip this time!' And she was like, 'I can't make any promises Willow.' But, you know, we're all clumsy."

When asked if Lawrence was a little bit of a klutz on set, Shields said, "No, she's not that clumsy on set. I just think that everyone gets a little anxious and nervous, especially being at the Oscars, I mean that's really crazy so I think it was just one of those moments where when you're nervous, you know, things can happen."

3. Lawrence and co-star Josh Hutcherson are the funniest on "The Hunger Games" set.

Shields said the cast of "The Hunger Games" is "a big family on set" and revealed that Lawrence and Hutcherson would likely share the title of class clown.

"Well, Jen and Josh are the two funniest people on set. They're absolutely insane. If you put them together, it's just a disaster," Shields said with a laugh. "But, I mean, it's so much fun! They're both probably the funniest people on set."

4. When "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2" is released, Shields will be 15 years old. She talks about growing up while filming "The Hunger Games."

"I was talking to Jen [Lawrence] recently and we were saying the difference between 10 and 15 and 21 to 26 is insane. She's like, 'For me, it's not a big deal, 21 to 26 is not a big deal.' But, 10 to 15 is insane. Like, it's a big chunk of your childhood and your teenage years," Shields said. "So it's definitely interesting growing up in the environment but it's a lot of fun."

5. She's currently filming "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay" movies and talks about Primerose's evolution.

"She's matured a lot. There is still drama, but she's gotten older and more mature so she's really there for Katniss a lot," Shields said of Primrose's role in the upcoming final films. "So that's really exciting. So it's still that drama, but kind of in a different way."

BOUNS: If fans do purchase the DVD of "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire," which was released on March 7, Shields recommends to check out the deleted scenes.

"I just loved watching the deleted scenes. I think that was really fun because you get -- I mean, you didn't get to see them in the movie, so it's kind of like a sideline thing, but I also love how you kind of get an up close look of what it's like to film that movie," she said. "I think that's fun for fans to almost experience what we're experiencing on set."

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