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OTRC: Eva Green talks '300: Rise Of An Empire,' sex scene: 5 questions

Eva Green talks to OTRC.com in a March 2014 interview to promote the movie '300 Rise Of An Empire,' in which she plays Artemisia.

Eva Green, a French actress who played the mysterious Vesper Lynd in the 2006 James Bond movie "Casino Royale," is as evil as can be as Artemisia in the new film "300: Rise Of An Empire," which features an intense sex scene that left the actress bruised.

The movie depicts the second Persian invasion of Greece during the Greco-Persian wars, between 480 BC and 479 BC. Rodrigo Santoro reprises his role as Xerxes I of Persia, a human who is now a god. Artemisia is the commander of his army. Lena Headey of "Game Of Thrones" fame plays Queen Gorgo of Sparta.

Green, 35, talked to OTRC.com about her role in the movie, a sequel to "300," and the pain she endured for her "art." Check out 5 questions she answered below and watch the interview above. You can also watch bonus videos of Eva Green talking about the film and her diet (or lack thereof) and fitness regimen.

1. You are so evil in this movie. I love it! Do you ever scare yourself?

(Laughs) "In the mornings, sometimes, when I look at myself in the mirror, yeah."

" It's so far away from me, you know, that you kind of, I dunno, you have fun, like a little girl, playing ... the cruel witch or something. Here she's so strong ... it's quite rare for an actress to have the opportunity to play a role that could be played by a man. She has some guts and she just is driven and is a madwoman."

2. I counted 956 pecs and 60,000 abs in this movie. What's it like being around all the muscle?

"I mean you have to pinch yourself because it's like ... it's kind of amazing. But I felt like I was part of the guys, you know, I trained with the guys in the gym, so I dunno, it's cool.

3. What's the training like?

"It's very intense. It's more intense for the guys because they're kind of bare-chested the whole time, so I was lucky, I was fully-dressed so you didn't have to see that bit. But I had to lift very heavy swords. I had to do lots of lifting weights, push-ups, squats, all the exciting exercise and then sword-fighting with amazing stunt guys."

"I'm not coordinated at all so it took me a while to learn how to dance with two swords. I had great guys and they were so passionate and patient."

4. The sex scene was insane. That was really intense. Does the director ... just let you go and say, "Do what you do?"

"No, that was very choreographed, that sex scene. Can you imagine if he's like, 'Improvise!' I think we would've killed each other. It's like, it's really staged like a fight."

5. I heard you got bruised from it?

"I bruise very easily and so we both kind of, obviously ... Like when I did the fight scene, I got bruised too. It's all for art. All that pain for art."

The movie "300: Rise Of An Empire" was released on Friday, March 7.

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