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OTRC: 'The Bachelor' finale recap: Who did Juan Pablo Galavis choose? (Spoilers)

Juan Pablo Galavis appears in an interview with OTRC.com on Jan. 7, 2014. / 'The Bachelor' season 18 finalists Clare and Nikki appear in publicity photos. The finale airs on March 10 at 8 p.m. ET. (ABC / Rick Rowell)

The wait is over -- "The Bachelor" season 18 finale, which aired on Monday, March 10, showed who Juan Pablo Galavis chose from among two finalists.

So was it Clare or Nikki? Did he propose?

Spoiler alert!

Galavis ended up picking Nikki over Clare but did NOT propose to her. Check out 5 highlights from the two-hour episode (also check out PHOTOS).

1. The women meet Juan Pablo's family

The finale was set in beautiful St. Lucia, the scene of a past episode. Clare and Nikki each got a chance to meet Galavis' parents and cousin Rodolfo. The women seem enamored by watching Galavis interact with his daughter. Clare gushes to his family about how she can't wait to be a mother and wants four children.

"I could 1,000 percent see myself a part of Juan Pablo's family forever," she later says.

As for Nikki, she says she's nervous because she knows Galavis' family is really important to him. She had met his parents and daughter in a previous episode.

Nikki rattles off all the places they've visited during the season. Galavis' daughter seems bored.

Galavis loves to talk about how honest he is. Honestly must run in his family -- key words Galavis' mother used to describe him include "hyperactive -- super hyperactive" and sometimes "very rude."

"He's not an easy guy," Galavis' dad says about his son, while speaking to Nikki. "I'm telling you because he's vocalized in what he wants. He's always very specific in what he wants. He thinks he [knows] the truth in everything."

"Juan Pablo ... I mean I love the guy -- he's a really great guy -- but sometimes, when things are getting rough, he'll walk away from the relationship," Rodolfo tells Nikki.

I feel like we would fight well together," Nikki jokes.

2. WHAT did Juan Pablo Galavis tell Clare?

Galavis goes on a final date with each of the contestants. Clare says that during theirs, while they were in a helicopter, he told her something off-camera "that no woman wants to hear."

"[He said] that he really doesn't know me and some sexual thing I don't even want to repeat," she said. "It was insulting. It was offensive and it just made me feel awful."

"I'm not just an object," she added. "Maybe I have him all wrong. Maybe he's not the man that I thought he was."

Clare, who, by the way, is the contestant Galavis famously frolicked with in the ocean during a past date (nothing more than PG-13 was shown on TV), later confronts Galavis about it. They start a very serious conversation, during which he stroked her leg, and she tells him she wants their relationship to be more than just physical. He tells her they have more than just a physical attraction. "I like what I have seen during the entire adventure," he says.

"'Am I ready?' is my question," Galavis said. "'Do I know the person?'"

Clare's anger over his past offensive remarks appears to melt away. She is already daydreaming about that ring. (Heck, she's practically daydreaming about hanging out at the jewelry store, picking out bridal necklaces, after dropping off the ring to be resized because that's what happens a LOT when men pick out rings.)

"That's what I want to hear," she says. "That's the kind of stuff I want to hear. I wanna hear about more than like, 'I like kissing you, I like kissing you.' I know it gets tough after this. I know it's gonna be hard after this. If I am gonna be with somebody, I want them to know that they want to be with me."

Got all that? Who said relationships are complicated?

3. Love letter

Nikki, by contrast, seems far less dramatic than Clare, and a lot more pensive and possibly naive.

"I'm in love with this guy," she says. "I want forever with him."

He reads a mushy handwritten letter she wrote to him (flashback: "The Babysitter's Club," Kristy), makes out with her a bit more and then leaves. She sits on a coach, crying.

FYI to single women: Alpha-males LOVE love letters.*

4. Clare finally stands up for herself because ...

Seriously, Clare is so over the mysterious offensive comment and is ready to get engaged. Babies. She's probably ready for babies. She stands in front of Galavis in a one-shoulder teal gown on a beach, holding his hand, waiting.

"I wish ... I appreciate you being here and trusting me all along," he says. "... I have to say goodbye to you."

Uh oh.

Then she lets him have it.

"I saved this moment for the man of my dreams and I thought that was you and I thought I knew what kind of man you were," she says.

Galavis graciously offers to tell her the precise moment he decided not to choose her. She finally stands up for herself and declines.

"Doesn't matter to me," she says. "I lost respect for you. I'll tell you what. I thought I knew what kind of man you were. What you just made me go though ... I would never want my children having a father like you."

After she walks away, Galavis says: "Whew. I'm glad I didn't pick her."

5. Thanks DAD!!!

Host Chris Harrison, who is standing in front of a live studio audience partially populated by former "Bachelor" and "Bachelorette" couples as well as current eliminated contestants, reveals that Galavis DID pick out a diamond engagement ring. It was designed by Neil Lane, which follows "Bachelor" and "Bachelorette" tradition. Will Nikki get it?

Dressed in a cobalt blue gown with a thigh-high slit, she walks up to Galavis.

"I can't wait to tell my mom, like, 'Mom, I'm engaged," she is heard narrating.

To Galavis, she says he is an amazing person and that she has waited a long time for this "once-of-a-lifetime" moment and that she cannot imagine spending her life without him.

"I love you," she says.

"Whew," he says. "Just know that I love so many things about you."

Uh oh.

Galavis told her that when her father told him (in a previous episode) that he should only propose to Nikki if he was absolutely sure about it, that made him "think a lot."

"And honestly, I have a ring here in my pocket and I'm not gonna use it," Galavis says, twisting the knife he just stabbed in Nikki's heart. 'Uh uh. I'm not 100 percent sure that I wanna propose to you. At the same time, I'm 100 percent sure that I just don't wanna let you go."

Then, the final blow.

"I like you a lot," he continues. "A lot."

And he gives her a consolation prize -- hint -- she's got a collection of them.

Galavis gave Nikki a rose.

"Nikki will you accept my final rose?" he asks.

She nods. "Absolutely."

Ignoring the naked, chilly feeling on her ring finger, she makes out with him a bit while clutching the rose. Think she'll keep it in a flower press with the words "Worst consolation prize ever" scrawled on it?

"The Bachelor: After The Final Rose"

  • Clare declined invitation to confront Juan Pablo Galavis

    During the live "After The Final Rose" segment, which aired after the finale, Harrison offered Clare the chance to confront Galavis about his rejection of her, in front of the eager studio audience.

    "Looking back and thinking about that day in St. Lucia, that day was pivotal for me because I had never been able to stand up for myself to a man before and I think so many women can relate to that, where you want to have hope, you give it chance after chance," she says.

    Clare says that moment gave her closure.

    "I don't want to sit here on this couch and get fed any more B.S.," she says.

    That's too bad, because it would have made for entertaining TV, Clare.
  • Juan Pablo Galavis talks about rejecting Clare

    "To me, it was very hard to say to people and honestly, at the end of the day, I made the decision that I thought was good for me," he says. "It is what it is."

    Regarding Clare, he says: "We had rollercoasters and we lived through out and it worked out the way it worked out."

    He refused to reveal what he told Clare during their date, which she found offensive.

    "People have private conversations," he says. "From my mouth, nothing is gonna come out. It's something that is personal."

    "I have nothing bad to talk about Clare," he adds. "She was great -- she was there for a reason."
  • Nikki: He hasn't said 'I love you' (RUN! RUN AWAY!)

    "We've been really happy," she tells Harrison, cheerfully. "It's been great."

    "Has he told you he loves you?" he asks.

    "Not exactly," she replies. "I know that he does. I've never told someone I love them first so it's been a struggle. If he wasn't invested in this relationship and making this work, he wouldn't be with me."

    "I'm not gonna force it," she adds. "It's on his time and I'm happy in a relationship and I know he is too, so I feel like that should matter more than anything."
  • Juan Pablo Galavis humiliates his non-fiancee on national television

    Galavis then joins her on the couch. Harrison asks them how they are doing.

    "I think we're doing great," he says.

    I feel fantastic about this woman," he adds, saying that it's time for them to continue their private relationship.

    "Chris I feel great, like I said," he says. "So I'm very honest to her and I keep things to ourselves and I show her how I feel about her and she's happy with that."

    Nikki remains silent, smiling politely as Galavis drones on about how it's been "tough" and then scolds Harrison for interrupting him earlier in the show.

    Sean Lowe, the star of season 17 of "The Bachelor" who recently wed Catherine Giudici, who won, offers his opinion on the whole situation.

    "When I'm in love, I want that person to know it," he says (brags?), adding: "To each their own."

  • How long is Nikki going to remain in a relationship with Juan Pablo Galavis?

    When asked this by Harrison, Nikki replies: "As long as it feels right, I'll give it that length of time. Once it doesn't feel right, I think I' m gonna be out. But it feels right."

    "We have plans," Galavis adds. "Now we're gonna figure it out in our private life."

  • As he has said many times: Ay-ay-ay.

    Also on "The Bachelor: After The Final Rose," the new star of the upcoming season of "The Bachelorette" was revealed. More info here.

    * A lie.

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