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OTRC: 'Scandal' recap: Season 3, episode 13 - 5 highlights (Spoilers)

Kerry Washington appears as Olivia Pope in the season 3 episode of 'Scandal' titled 'No Sun on the Horizon.' The episode aired on March 13, 2014. (ABC / Eric McCandless)

In tonight's episode of "Scandal," titled "No Sun on the Horizon," all Olivia Pope, played by Kerry Washington, wanted was to stand out in the sun and rid herself of all the darkness that has burdened her - however, it's easier said than done.

In last week's episode, titled "We Do Not Touch the First Ladies," Gladiators got a glimpse into the past of Mellie Grant, played by Bellamy Young, and Andrew Nichols, played by Jon Tenney. It turns out Andrew saved Mellie's life in the past after almost overdosing on prescription pills. In present day, the two continued to share flirtations and by the end of the episode, shared a passionate kiss.

James Novak, played by Dan Bucatinsky, also found himself in hot water when his alias, "Publius," was on the verge of exposure. When Cyrus, played by Jeff Perry, gets close to identifying "Publius," James teams up with David Rosen, played by Joshua Molina, who ultimately gets kidnapped - and later saved by his love Abby, played by Darby Stanchfield.

Fans also saw that Olivia's rogue mother Maya, played by Khandi Alexander, is in cahoots with Adnan Salif, the woman Harrison, played by Columbus Short, has been seeing. Both women are up to no good, leaving many fans wondering one thing: why?

(Read a FULL RECAP of the previous episode of "Scandal" - season 3, episode 12 "We Do Not Touch the First Ladies" here, which aired on March 6.)

Check out 5 highlights from the episode "No Sun on the Horizon," which aired on Thursday, March 13. Warning: Spoilers ahead.

1. Slaughterhouse debate.

Sally Langston, played by Kate Burton, has lost her marbles on "Scandal" before, but not quite like this. At the top of the episode, Sally is under immense pressure to pull herself together for an impending debate, her first as an independent candidate. While it should be her moment to shine, Sally continues to spiral downward away from any sense of reality. When prep questions get too passionate for her, she begins to make odd analogies, particularly about pigs, such as, "Time for the slaughter, piggy piggy" and "Yum yum crispy piggy. Yum yum." Maybe she just needed a bacon-wrapped hot dog?

Things go from bad to piggy to worse, when not even Sally's spiritual adviser can bare the burden of her sins. Feeling as though God is no longer speaking with her, Sally finds it right to confess to the world at the debate that she murdered her husband, Daniel Douglas. Despite being warned by Leo, played by Paul Adelstein, and Olivia that confessing would only ruin her life, she gives them no sign of changing her mind. Talk about anxiety! Also, Gladiators, can it be said that Kate Burton's performances on "Scandal" are truly some of the best? This woman nails psychotic and deranged all too well. Amazing!

2. Olivia knows about the Daniel Douglas cover up, and finds it hysterical.

Let's face it, it's rare to see one of the characters on "Scandal" having a genuine belly laugh, what with the murder cover ups and all. Olivia, however, found the least, but also the best, opportune moment to unleash laughter that had been cooking up inside her probably since Sally Langston announced her bid for presidency.

When Olivia learns Cyrus is behind the cover up of Daniel Douglas' murder, she confronts him in his office, simply saying, "I know about Daniel Douglas." Before Cyrus can even utter a full sentence, Olivia proceeds to burst into hysterical laughter. Can you just IMAGINE the GIFs that will stem from that laugh, Gladiators? Once she collects herself, she tells Cyrus, "No matter who gets elected, they're all murderers" and refers to the debating candidates as "Murderer's row." Yikes! That doesn't sound too good, does it?

Olivia also confides to Cyrus that she is done doing things in the dirty way that they have and that she wants to "walk into the light and feel the sun" on her face. And you know what, she deserves to. Olivia puts up with A LOT - rogue Gladiators (Quinn), a pestering lover (Fitz), shade-throwing Mellie. It's about time our girl has a moment in the sun. If that moment ever comes, there's no doubt she will be rocking one fierce outfit.

3. "Take advantage of me, Jake."

What Gladiator hasn't wanted to say those exact words to Jake Ballard, played by Scott Foley, since he joined the show? You'd be lying if you didn't. Olivia uttered the iconic phrase all the while hoping to have some much needed peace and quiet with her "pretend" boyfriend. After becoming too consumed with knowledge of the Daniel Douglas cover up, Olivia shows up to Jake's apartment with food (which was not popcorn) and, of course, a bottle of wine all for herself.

When Jake wants to talk about things with a clearly distracted Olivia, she refuses to go into details about what is bothering her, opting for the more attractive option of eating "too many fries," drinking a whole bottle of wine and having an all-around relaxing evening with her "pretend" boyfriend. Sounds kind of perfect and amazing, right? Jake jokes that if she gets too drunk, he's "going to take advantage" of her, which Olivia, being the lady she is, scoffs at.

Jake, completely in over his head with B-613, wants to keep things simple too, only in order for that to happen, he wants to leave Washington D.C. and the lives they have behind. While standing in the kitchen, he says to her, "Run away with me Liv, save me." Swoon! That's when Olivia says, "Take advantage of me, Jake." OMG! Not going to lie, LOVE seeing these two together, they're such an interesting and passionate dynamic to watch - but what about all the food, you guys? You can't waste cheese fries!

4. Moment of truth at the debate.

Will she or won't she confess? Sally is moments away from taking to the podium at her first debate as an independent candidate, and she has every intention of going through with her plans to confess to murder. Cameras and an audience full of people are watching her every move, but what everyone doesn't know is that Olivia instructed Fitz, played by Tony Goldwyn, to throw the debate and let Sally have the upper hand, so she would feel she is once again on God's good graces.

The idea, obviously, did not go over well with Fitz (when will he ever admit that he is wrong?). The debate is icy, and that's putting it lightly. Sally is clearly unfocused and almost unintelligible in her answers. She ultimately finds a moment in the debate where she is about to confess. One thing she doesn't know is that Jake was asked by Cyrus to kill her if she confesses, and though he initially said no, he sent a B-613 agent to take her out if she went off script. Just as she's about to seemingly confess to murder, Fitz interjects with a quip about forgetting what Bible verse she was going to say. Phew!

Distracting Sally was only the beginning, and Fitz ultimately throws the debate in her favor by saying that he was proud of his personal indiscretions. Gladiators know this is Sally's favorite topic, and she latched onto it like her life depended on it, riding the wave of Fitz's mistake to her benefit. Gosh, that could have been downright horrible had she confessed right then and there. Thankfully Fitz came to his senses. When will he ever learn: you never doubt Olivia Pope.

5. They promised an OMG moment, and OMG did they deliver.

"Scandal" fans were promised a major OMG moment would happen in the last 30 seconds of the episode, and boy, it was quite the doozy! Moments after Cyrus discovers James is "Publius," and subsequently telling him that he loves him and he was sorry, James is summoned by David Rosen. He plans to meet up with David as well as reporter Vanessa Chandler and an NSA woman, all of whom he wanted to assemble to bring Sally Langston to justice for the murder she committed against her husband.

Once they meet up, however, James gets cold feet and says he does not want to go through with it anymore. David, however, is done burying stories and wants to go through with things. Since the two can't agree, they question why they're even in this meeting in the first place. When they discover that neither of them actually arranged to be there, shots are fired, taking out Vanessa and the woman from NSA.

A pair of legs are shown walking toward James and David, and it is revealed that Jake is the one who shot the two women. One more shot is fired in the final second of the episode, before the screen fades to black. Who got shot - David or James? Tweet away Gladiators, tweet away. #WhoGotShot.

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