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Man high on meth terrorizes Covina family, police say

A family in Covina was terrorized by a stranger who burst into their home. Police say the man was high on meth.
March 16, 2014 12:00:00 AM PDT
A family in Covina was terrorized by a stranger who burst into their home. Police say the man behind the bizarre and violent attack was high on methamphetamine and hallucinating.

Jeffrey Jimenez, 37, who police say was armed with a metal stake, unleashed a violent rampage at the home Saturday morning.

Tony Berdeguez recounted the ordeal.

"You're having coffee with your family at the breakfast table, and some guy loaded on meth just walks right into your living room and starts threatening to kill you," he said.

"It was like watching the devil walk in, because the look on his face it was horrifying," said Joanna Berdeguez.

Jimenez demanded to search the home, insisting his nephew, whom he wanted to kill, was inside. They finally got him to leave, but that's when things took a violent turn.

"As I was calling 911, we locked the door on him, and he kicked the door down and proceed to charge us," said Tony Berdeguez.

The front door busted open. Joanna and her son, Marco Berdeguez, escaped out the back door, as Tony tried to calm Jimenez down by offering to help search for his nephew. The 37-year-old's hallucinations began to grow.

"I tried reasoning with him, and when he started to walk down the hallway and start hallucinating that there was people with guns in the hallway, that's when I took advantage of the situation and ran out the back door and we barricaded ourselves in the garage," said Tony.

Jimenez ran out front and started smashing the window before walking right into responding police.

While no one was hurt physically, the Berdeguez's say emotionally, there is a deep wound.

"It gives you a different perspective on life and safety of your own home," said Marco. "You don't feel as safe anymore and it's just hard to get that comfort back in your own house."

Jimenez remains behind bars facing charges of attempted murder and burglary.

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