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OTRC: Shailene Woodley talks 'Divergent,' Tris-Four romance: 5 highlights

Shailene Woodley talks to OTRC.com about 'Divergent,' in theaters on March 21, 2014.

While Shailene Woodley is no stranger to buzz-worthy movie roles, "Divergent" is shaping up to be the young actress' most talked-about role to-date.

The film, based off of the popular young adult novel series by author Veronica Roth, tells the story of Beatrice "Tris" Prior [Woodley], a girl who lives in a dystopian version of Chicago, where humanity has divided itself into five "factions."

Woodley's co-star, Theo James, portrays the character Four, an instructor in the Dauntless faction and is also her love interest in the film. "Divergent" also stars the likes of Kate Winslet, Ashley Judd and "Scandal" star Tony Goldwyn. The movie hits theaters on March 21.

Woodley, who has starred in the films "The Descendants," "The Spectacular Now" and the ABC Family series "The Secret Life of the American Teenager," sat down with OTRC.com to discuss her role in "Divergent," what advice she's been given as her star has risen and why she thinks her and James' romantic moments in the film hold a sense of independence.

Watch videos of Woodley's interview with OTRC.com above and check out 5 highlights from the interview, along with an interview with the "Divergent" star at the Los Angeles premiere and trailer, below.

1. Despite her hectic schedule, Woodley says she relaxes every single day.

"I relax every day. One-hundred percent. I make sure ? I start my day before my day starts me and I finish my night before my night gets me."

Woodley goes onto reveal that it had been a couple of weeks since she had a full day off to herself.

"Like, two weeks ago, I had some time off. But you know, like, your day ends and it doesn't matter how long it was, you can take that one ... all it takes is two minutes of just, like, 'Alright, check in with myself, how am I right now? OK, cool. I can keep going.'"

2. Wooldley talks about the best advice she's received from her long-time publicist.

"I think the ... lucky thing that I have with my publicist is that she knows me inside and out and I know that she really respects me and I know her, sort of, inside and out and I really respect her. And so, if there's something through all of this craziness that she says, 'Hey Shai, I think this is a smart decision and I think you should do this,' I can look at her and say, 'OK, I understand your reasons but I disagree.'"

"And we can hear each other or if I say, 'Hey, Mia, I really wanna do this' and she goes, 'I don't think you should do this and here's why,' we have a great, sort of, mutual understanding and ability to converse with one another and to, even if we don't always agree, agree to disagree and support one another with those choices. And I think that having that is like the best ... it's not, I guess advice, but it's the best ? the best advice, in a way, because I have somebody who I know has my back no matter what."

3. The actress thinks "Divergent" will attract fans of all ages.

"I think younger people bring their parents and then I think their parents see it and they go, 'Oh wow, hey, I actually think that this is a really entertaining movie' and then they start talking about it." It's all word of mouth, man. Humans like to converse with one another, yeah?"

4. Woodley enjoys the nostalgia of reading paperback books.

"It is nice. There's nothing like ... I don't know if you're pro-Kindle or iPad or whatever those things are called but I'm so pro-paper -- used paper! You can go on Amazon, you can buy a used book, any book. But just to hold it and to mark it and highlight it. It's such a nostalgic, beautiful thing."

5. Woodley talks her and co-star Theo James' on-screen romance, relates it to pie.

"I think that, you know, it's fun to sort of romanticize about other people's relationships. One of the cool things about this movie is that it's a very empowered relationship. They're not co-dependent. They're very much their own individual, very much independent. But they work together as partners and they work together as a team and they don't need one another but they respect ..."

"You know, Tris isn't taking a slice of pie ... or of Four's pie, you know, she's like adding some ice cream on top and I feel like that makes for the most successful relationship and so I think an audience maybe responds to that and wants to see them like, flourish and ride into the night with each other."

Reporting by George Pennacchio of KABC Television, which produces the nationally syndicated entertainment show "On The Red Carpet" (check for local TV listings).

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