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OTRC: Theo James talks 'Divergent' romance, tattoo: 3 highlights

Theo James talked to OTRC.com about 'Divergent,' in theaters on March 21, 2014.

Theo James may be one of Hollywood's hottest rising stars, but he's not going to let the frenzy of his new film, "Divergent," keep him from enjoying his moment.

The movie, which is based off of the successful young adult novel series by author Veronica Roth, tells the story of Beatrice "Tris" Prior, a girl who lives in a dystopian Chicago divided in to five "factions."

It is there that she meets James' character, Tobias "Four" Eaton, a member of Dauntless that instructs those born outside of the "faction." Four and Tris often clash, however, the two share an undeniable attraction. The film also stars the likes of Shailene Woodley, Tony Goldwyn, Ashley Judd and Kate Winslet.

James, who has starred in television shows such as "Downton Abbey" and "Golden Boy," recently sat down with OTRC.com to discuss his role in "Divergent, how he is dealing with the fandom that surrounds the book and what makes his love story in the movie unique.

Watch videos of James' interview with OTRC.com above and check out 3 highlights from the interview, as well as a clip from "Divergent" and a trailer, below.

1. James talks about the "Divergent" fandom.

"Not fear per say. I think just, in all honesty, I'm a bit of a pragmatist, so I believe when it's there, if you know what I mean, when someone slaps me around the face with it. For better or worse, that may not be the best way to do things. In all honesty, I really hope the film has its own journey and it doesn't have any ... in a way that it's not paralleled or compared to things because, I think after seeing it Sunday, in a relieved way, Shai and I were like, 'This is a genuinely good, stand-alone, fun thriller."

2. Why Four's relationship with Tris is different.

"I think first and foremost is the characters that Veronica created. They're an interesting couple, they're from a lot of couples you see, there's not a whole lot of heavy breathing and eye lashes being batted. It's more about something kind of deeper than that. And then on top of that I think what's great about the story in the way it's done in the film is that you have a big build up, you don't know whether these people ... you can see that there's something there, you can see that there's attraction and everything else, but they're butting heads, there's the occasional moments of softness, so that when it happens, there's a good pay off and it kind of builds to it."

3. James talks about the process of creating Four's tattoo.

Spoiler: Four has a large tattoo that covers his entire back, representing each of the five "factions."

"I didn't lie down [for the tattoo]. I probably would have passed out. I had to stand up so we listened to music for about three or four hours, so it took a while."

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