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OTRC: Emma Watson talks 'Noah,' playing mom, childbirth: 3 highlights

Emma Watson of 'Harry Potter' fame talks to OTRC.com about the movie 'Noah' ahead of its March 28, 2014 release.

Emma Watson of "Harry Potter" fame says it was "intimidating" to play a mother giving birth in the new Biblical film "Noah," and says she now has a newfound respect for moms.

She made her comments in an interview with OTRC.com ahead of the release of the movie, which was directed by Darren Aronsofsky and is set to hit theaters on Friday, March 28. Watson, who is 23 and rose to fame playing witch Hermoine in the "Harry Potter" films, plays Ila, the wife of Noah's eldest son, Shem, who is portrayed by Douglas Booth.

Russell Crowe plays Noah in the movie, an adaptation of the Old Testament tale of the building of an ark to protect the family and animals from an upcoming flood.

Watch OTRC.com's interview with Emma Watson and Douglas Booth above and check out 3 highlights below.

1. On tackling motherhood ...

EMMA WATSON: "It's the first time I've tackled motherhood in general! It was crazy. I had to do a lot of research and it was pretty intimidating to have to do that on camera. I have a whole new respect for women and giving birth and motherhood. I really do.

2. On working with Darren Aronofsky ...

DOUGLAS BOOTH: "He's definitely an actor's director . You can be totally lost in a scene and he whispers something in your ear and he makes total sense. You know exactly what he's going for."

3. On the ark, the animals and the flood ...

EMMA WATSON: "We actually physically built the ark. We actually had these beautiful models of the animals on the Ark with us. The water was real, the rain was real."

DOUGLAS BOOTH: "Five-thousand gallons a minute."

EMMA WATSON: "Yeah. I mean, it was about as real as it gets, so actually, there weren't that many surprises."

DOUGLAS BOOTH: "It wasn't often that you saw a green screen."

EMMA WATSON: "Yeah, so we were really lucky like that."

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