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OTRC: 'Scandal' recap: Season 3, episode 15 - 5 highlights (Spoilers)

Bellamy Young and Tony Goldwyn appear in season 3 promotional photos for 'Scandal.' (ABC / Craig Sjodin)

In tonight's episode of "Scandal," titled "Mama Said Knock You Out," the First Children made their grand return to the White House, although it was definitely not the family reunion any of them were hoping for.

Previously, in the episode titled "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang," Gladiators learned thaT James Novak, played by Dan Bucatinsky, was shot and killed by Jake Ballard, played by Scott Foley, in an attempt to keep Daniel Douglas' murder a secret. Before he took his final breath, fans saw how he and Cyrus, played by Jeff Perry, first fell and love and well, tissues were definitely needed.

Meanwhile, Olivia's mother Maya, played by Khandi Alexander, was on the hunt for a "terrorist" type to do her dirty work, something her partner-in-crime Adnan Salif was not exactly pleased about. When things don't go as planned for Maya during a meeting with a potential client, she shoots one of them to get her message across.

Additionally, some odd coupling took place in the midst of all the turmoil. Andrew Nichols, played by Jon Tenney, and Mellie Grant, played by Bellamy Young, finally squashed their sexual tension and ferociously kissed while on a gun lobby mission in Texas. Huck, played by Guillermo Diaz, and Quinn, played by Katie Lowes, also passionately kissed, but not before Quinn spit in his face.

(Read a FULL RECAP of the previous episode of "Scandal" - season 3, episode 14 "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" here, which aired on March 20.)

Check out 5 highlights from the episode "Mama Said Knock You Out," which aired on Thursday, March 27. Warning: Spoilers ahead.

1. The entire Grant family reunites, and it's a big mess.

You would think being able to call the White House your home would be awesome and score major points among your friends, but for Jerry and Karen Grant, Mellie and Fitz's children, they want absolutely nothing to do with the place. Upon returning from school for a television interview, Jerry and Karen are cold as ice to their parents, seemingly uninterested in dinnertime conversation or putting on smile for a make-or-break interview.

When Olivia Pope, played by Kerry Washington, senses that something is not right with the two eldest Grant children, she discovers that Jerry has been operating an anti-Grant Twitter account, where he posts disparaging words and photos about his father's campaign. Yikes! To make matters worse, Karen walks in on Mellie and Andrew, whom Karen refers to as her Uncle, in a very compromising position, causing Olivia to go into panic mode.

Mellie attempts to reason with Karen, however, she takes what she's witnessed as the opportunity to blame her mother for the problems in their family, saying it is she who is the cheater, not her dad. As the interview time inches closer and closer, Jerry and Karen remain uncooperative, and when finally confronted by Fitz, Karen says they're not doing the interview and outs Mellie's secret affair. Fitz immediately storms into a meeting Andrew is in and punches him for sleeping with his wife.

By the time Fitz and Mellie have a moment to themselves to discuss the affair with Andrew, Fitz relinquishes all reason and proceeds to blame Mellie for every single problem they've ever had in their relationship. Fitz reminds Mellie that in the past, she said she was no longer a sexual person, and now by sleeping with Andrew, she's a liar and by pushing him away, she's to blame for their ruined marriage. Despite Mellie's explanation seemingly being on the tip of her tongue, she remains mum.

What a tangled web these people weave. Fitz and Olivia are both up in arms over the Andrew and Mellie affair and yet, they are doing the same thing. Keeping in mind Olivia's role as the ultimate fixer, it's understandable that she does not want a sex scandal to blemish the campaign more than it already has. However, Gladiators, the hypocrisy is potent, and it reeks about as bad as Mellie's breath after a few whiskeys. If they're all going to continue sleeping with other people, a resolution is so desperately needed ... or at the very least some guidelines.

2. Mama and Papa Pope's continued torment against Olivia.

Aside from the Grant family debacle, Olivia's main mission is taking down B-613, beginning with hitting them where the money's at. As a former B-613 member, Huck is very skeptical about the idea, saying that you don't take down B-613 but, "you run, you hide, or you die." Those odds don't sound very good, but you never tell Olivia Pope the odds!

With her father Rowan, played by Joe Morton, no longer on B-613, Olivia hopes that he will be able to give her some answers as to where the agency is funded. Despite his whole "bring everyone into the light" speech in the previous episode, Papa Pope is decidedly less chatty when it comes to divulging answers. This presents a setback for Olivia, but it's nothing a phone call from mommy can't fix, right?

That's right, Olivia gets a direct phone call from mother Maya, when she finds that Adnan has gone missing. When Olivia blasts her mother for being a terrorist and traitor to her own country, Maya insults her position in the Grant campaign as merely being a member of "the help." Ouch! Olivia does not want to give up Adnan, as she has confided in her to expose Maya in exchange for immunity. That, however, is short lived.

Adnan, yet again, seduces Harrison, played by Columbus Short, and instead of exchanging pleasantries while they re-dress, she injects him in the back and knocks him out cold. She later emerges with Maya and a couple of other men with a flash drive of files she stole off of Olivia's computer. Complete with everything there is to know and more about the Grant campaign, Adnan and Maya have exactly want they want. What they don't know, however, is that Jake and B-613 have been watching the entire exchange, and despite having them on his radar, Jake does nothing, opting to see how things play out.

3. Cyrus vs. Jake vs. Fitz.

Jake pays a visit to Fitz, played by Tony Goldwyn, who is reluctant to turn over terrorists that B-613 have captured to Fitz despite his request. When Fitz reminds Jake who he's talking to, Jake casually berates the president to his face, saying that he is nothing but a figurehead that takes photos with babies and dignitaries, and that it is he, Jake Ballard, who is in command. Jake decides who goes to war, Jake decides what to do with terrorists, Jake is the command. Sounds like someone enjoys being in power a little too much ...

Cyrus hears the rumbling in the Oval Office and when he learns that it's Jake who's in there with Fitz, he proceeds to storm in and grabs a vase to strike Jake with. He shouts to Jake that he killed his husband and attempts to charge at him when Fitz holds him back. More guards come in and witness the scuffle, but Fitz calls them off and calms Cyrus down. Jake, sensing he should probably take a hike, leaves the room, not before telling Cyrus, "I'm sorry for your loss."

How dare Jake even speak a word to Cyrus after what he did. Yes it is technically his job as command of B-613 to, in his words, "keep the world spinning," but it's just awful. It's terrible for Cyrus to know that the man who is physically responsible for killing his husband gets to walk free because it's his "job."

4. Quinn and Charlie are shacking up ... someone better tell Huck!

The gruesome twosome known as Quinn and Charlie are at it again. They've kidnapped a terrorist named Demetri, at the request of B-613, and are back to their torturing, drilling-for-answers ways. Complete with blood splatter and goggles, Charlie tells Quinn that they should live together after last week's incident with Huck, with Charlie "fearing" for Quinn's safety.

Quinn assures Charlie that she is fine and that if Huck wanted to do harm to her, he would have. What she didn't tell him, however, was that she had another encounter with him, one where Quinn is the one licking Huck's face. Part turned-on, part disgusted, Quinn says to Huck about their previous kiss, "You put your tongue in my mouth and that's how it goes." They kiss again anyway, before leaving in haste.

After her kiss with Huck, Quinn is surprised to find that Charlie has broken his lease on his apartment and announces he's moving into hers. What ever happened to making decisions as a couple? These two are too much trouble for each other, and if you look at Quinn long enough, it appears she's beginning to realize it, too. Finally, some sense could be coming to this woman, but only time will tell.

5. Olivia is at work, leave her be!

During the whole Andrew-Mellie-Fitz triangle, Olivia is caught in the middle as she tries to do her job to get the Grant family to their scheduled television interview. When she finds Mellie and Fitz almost at each other's throats in anger, she attempts to intervene and squash the tension, only to be scolded by Fitz when he says, "I'm talking to my wife."

Fitz realizes what he's said could be taken as insensitive by Olivia, but before he can explain himself, she urges him to let her do her job. She does not want to be involved in his family drama, that is not her place and she knows it. Fitz's outburst would have been nothing had Maya not previously told Olivia that she is nothing but "the help," but that idea got to her and definitely shook her to the core.

Olivia is best when she is standing her ground and when she is in command of herself and her position in the Grant campaign. Not that she is ever faltering, but her position of power can easily be forgotten when her affair with Fitz is still a part of her character. It's easy to forget that Olivia is, essentially, the glue that keeps the Grant campaign together, because without her strategic communication, let's face it, there would be no Grant campaign. So, Fitz, save the drama for someone who isn't busy trying to make you look good for a living, it's not a good look.

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