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OTRC: Stephen Colbert reacts to #CancelColbert on TV: 'I am not a racist': 7 key moments

Stephen Colbert appears on the Comedy Central series 'The Colbert Report' on March 31, 2014 to address the 'CancelColbert' controversy. On the episode, he said he is not a racist and made jokes referencing Hitler and Jesus. (Comedy Central / Viacom)

Stephen Colbert has responded again, this time on TV, to his recent #CancelColbert backlash, saying he is "not a racist" and making jokes referencing Nazi leader Adolf Hitler and Jesus.

The 50-year-old Emmy-winning host dedicated an entire episode of his satirical news show "The Colbert Report" to the controversy, spurred by comments he made that many Twitter users said was offensive toward Asian people, on Monday. While taking gulps from a Bud Light Lime beer bottle, he said his remarks, which were made on television last week, were taken out of context on Twitter, where they went viral. His show's account was then deleted -- with the help of Twitter co-founder Biz Stone.

Check out 7 key moments from Stephen Colbert's TV response to the #CancelColbert backlash.

1. Enter B.D. Wong

The opening segment of Monday's episode showed Colbert pretending to have a bad dream that his series was actually canceled. He then wakes up to see B.D. Wong, a U.S.-born, Chinese-American actor known for roles on shows such as "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" and "Oz."

"I'm dreaming about B.D. Wong because ...?" Colbert asks.

"You fell asleep watching 'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,'" the actor replies.

2. The medium is the message

In a segment titled "Who's Attacking Me Now?" (that would have pleased late communication theory philosopher Marshall McLuhan, who coined the above phrase in 1964), Colbert says, "to find out what happened to me on the Internet, we turn on the TV." A clip reel of news anchors talking about the #CancelColbert controversy was then screened.

Colbert had first made his comments in a show segment that aired on Wednesday. He had mocked the owner of the Washington Redskins over his formation of a charity that aids Native Americans, following years of controversy surrounding the NFL team's name, by announcing that he was creating his own organization, whose title offended many people. Scores of Twitter users complained about it, saying it was racist against Asian people, and caused the hashtag #CancelColbert to trend.

Colbert noted that the segment, in which he also referenced a character he had played in a 2005 episode of "The Colbert Report," aired five times on television and was posted on the show's Facebook page without a "peep out of the Internet." He said the backlash only began after part of it was quoted in a tweet on Thursday on the series' Twitter account -- and not his personal page. He also noted that it did not contain a link to the video segment that would have given it context.

"I mean, who would have thought a means of communication limited to 140 characters would ever create misunderstandings?" he joked. "But folks, I have never once used @ColbertReport. As you heroes know, I'm @StephenAtHome, though, full disclosure, I sometimes tweet from @StephenAtHome at work in the bathroom."

3. Mmmm, beer

"But folks, I'm still here! The dark forces trying to silence my message of core conservative principles mixed with youth-friendly product placement have been thwarted," Colbert declared, before taking a generous sip from a Bud Light Lime beer bottle.

"Mmm. Went thought a few of these this weekend," he joked. "But folks, I'm not gonna lie. This was close. We almost lost me. I'm never gonna take me for granted ever again."

Colbert nursed the beer bottle throughout the episode.

4. "I am not a racist."

"Now, the #CancelColbert people think that even in context, I am a racist. I just want to say that I am not a racist," Colbert said. "I don't even see race. Not even my own. People tell me I'm white and I believe them because I just devoted six minutes to explaining how I'm not a racist."

5. "Just like Jesus"

"To recap, a web editor I've never met posted a tweet in my name on an account I don't control, outrages a hashtag activist and the news media gets 72 hours of content," Colbert said. "The system worked. But all this started right after I taped Thursday night's show, so I couldn't respond until today. So in a sense, I was canceled for three days. Just like Jesus."

6. He said what?

"I just pray that no one ever tweets about the time I said Rosa Parks was overrated, Hitler had some good ideas or ran a cartoon during Black History Month showing President Obama teaming up with the Ku Klux Klan, 'cause man, that sounds pretty bad out of context," Colbert said.


Twitter co-founder Biz Stone helped Colbert "destroy" the @ColbertReport Twitter account with an explosive device prop. His last tweet? If you want to see a tweet form me, follow @StephenAtHome. Bye Bye."

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