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OTRC: George Newbern of 'Scandal' talks Quinn and Huck (Spoiler)

George Newbern appears in an interview with OTRC.com on March 31, 2014.

A new episode of "Scandal" never fails to provide enough shock and OMG moments to get a few topics about the show trending on Twitter and with the way the last episode ended, it seems like the season finale coming up this week will have enough twists in store to keep the show's die-hard fans tweeting up a storm.

George Newbern, who plays B-613 agent Charlie on the series, recently talked to Rachel Smith, host of the "On The Red Carpet" TV show and OTRC.com and teased a little info about what's Charlie has in store for Huck and Quinn.

Check out the quote below and see videos from our interview with Newbern above. (Warning: spoilers ahead!)

Charlie questioned Quinn's loyalty to B-613 at the end of "The Fluffer" (read a recap of the episode here), and Newbern told us, "Quinn has to make a choice where her loyalty lies basically between the two of them and I say you know, 'You better choose. Are you working for B-613 or are you working for Olivia Pope, because if you don't make that decision, someone's gonna make it for you.'"

"And then, you know, I'm not necessarily happy with her decision, but at the same time he continues on to work," he added.

Last week, Quinn and Huck finally consummated their relationship ... in a parking garage. So will there be any more fallout from their hook-up as far as Charlie is concerned?

When asked if Charlie was "going after Huck," Newbern replied, "I do ... well not too much. But I -- let's just say that I drop a bomb in their relationship. I drop a bomb in their relationship."

The season 3 finale of "Scandal" airs on Thursday, April 17. Check out a recap of last week's episode here.

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