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OTRC: James Maslow talks making Hannah Wackernagle's dream come true, after prom video

James Maslow, Peta Murgatroyd talk to OTRC.com after week 5 on 'Dancing With The Stars' season 18 on April 14, 2014. / Hannah Wackernagle, who posted a video asking Maslow to prom, cheers for him and Murgatroyd in the 'DWTS' audience.

James Maslow made a fan's dream come true -- on Disney Night on ABC's "Dancing With The Stars," naturally.

Hannah Wackernagle, a high school senior from Ohio, had asked the 23-year-old actor, a singer of the pop group Big Time Rush and a star of the Nickelodeon show of the same name, to her prom via a "promposal" YouTube video (watch it below).

"Hannah has Down Syndrome but just like Becky Johnson from 'Glee,' her mom says she has 'Get Down Syndrome,'" reads a message in the video, which is set to the theme of Sylvester Stallone's 1976 cult film "Rocky" and shows Wackernagle working out and dancing.

Maslow released a response video (watch it below), thanking her for her "amazing" video and saying he couldn't make it due to work commitments but that he was going to have her, her mother and her sister flown to Los Angeles. He said they'll get to hang out with them, get free tickets to Disneyland and also get to attend a live "Dancing With The Stars" taping.

Wackernagle and her family came to Monday's show and watched Maslow and the other contestants perform Disney-themed routines (read a RECAP). She was also featured on the episode.

When the cameras were off, she also got to dance on the stage with the actor and singer. (watch video below, posted on Instagram by hairstylist Jason Hermiz).

"I saw Hannah before and after the dance -- she was sitting right there -- and just got to say 'Hi' to her even offstage. You know, she's amazing. She's so well-composed," Maslow told OTRC.com. " You know, she basically, she knew, in her heart, for the longest time, that we were gonna meet and it's because of that belief and all of her friends and her family supporting her as well, that I did get to see the video and have the option to choose to say, 'You know what? This is a cool thing to do.'"

"I tried to do my best to make her actual dreams come true," he said.

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