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OTRC: Morgan Freeman talks 'Transcendence' - is it a horror film? 3 highlights

Morgan Freeman talks to OTRC.com about the 2014 film 'Transcendence' (April 2014 interview).

Morgan Freeman's new movie "Transcendence" may be considered science fiction, but could it also be categorized as a horror film?

In "Transcendence," in theaters on April 18, Hall plays scientist Joseph Tagger, an associate of with Johnny Depp's character, Dr. Will Caster. The movie focuses on Will's desire to create an artificial intelligence machine that can take on a life of its own. Will's mind is eventually downloaded onto a computer after he is shot and his ultimate goal is realized.

The movie also stars the likes of Rebecca Hall, Kate Mara of "House of Cards" and Cillian Murphy.

Freeman recently talked to OTRC.com about his role in the movie, how it's a cautionary tale for the technological future and why the movie might be considered a horror film.

Watch VIDEOS of Morgan Freeman's sit-down and premiere interview above, and check out a trailer and a clip from the movie below.

1. "Transcendence": A horror film?

"I think it kind of is. Only in that eventually there will be a leveling. Something will happen to bring us around. We will have to make serious adjustments because I don't think that technology ... I mean, you remember in "2001" [A Space Odyssey] and the HAL 9000 would say, you know, 'You're not very good at this and I'm better. I can do this job.'

I think that's what's going to eventually happen with all of it. The computers will keep going and you got computers that can replicate, computers that can correct themselves, computers that can learn, and eventually they will say, 'Well, we don't need you."

2. On needing to talk about the movie while making it ...

"No. The script tells you, but the movie ... the difference between the script of course and the actual movie is that it shows you. And then you have more of a visual connection to it. And I agree totally that this is one of those movies where you either need to go back and see it again or sit down with someone and talk about it. What is the nature of our relationship to each other as a result of our relationship to technology?"

3. On the movie being a cautionary tale ...

"I think it's very cautionary. Two thing are happening at the same time ... three or four things are happening at the same time. Population growth is uncontrollable, as a matter of fact there are some countries who don't want to control, they want it to keep going, because if their population reduces, their economy is reduced.

The growth in our technology at the same time gives us space, because the more people there are the less space we have to live in. Texting, for instance, gives us a barrier, there's a wall between us. Then there's the whole question of resources. That many people on the planet strains the resources, but that many people on the planet is not finite, it keeps growing and the resources are diminishing. Now what?"

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