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OTRC: 'Scandal' recap: Season 3 finale - 5 highlights (Spoilers)

Kerry Washington, Tony Goldwyn and Scott Foley appear in the 'Scandal' season 3 finale, which aired on April 17, 2014. (ABC / Ron Tom)

In tonight's season 3 finale of "Scandal," titled "The Price of Free and Fair Education," everything Olivia Pope, played by Kerry Washington, has been working toward all season came to a screeching halt, with the presidency and her sanity hanging in the balance.

Throughout the course of season 3, not a single person in Washington D.C. was safe, thanks to none other than Olivia's mother Maya, played by Khandi Alexander. All her life, Olivia was made to believe that her mother had died in a plane crash, only to learn that she is alive, well ... and a terrorist. She may have thought her father Rowan, played by Joe Morton, was the monster, but little did she know, he was only trying to protect her.

Additionally, things in The White House have been less than stellar for the Grant campaign. Fitz, played by Tony Goldwyn, continues to want it all - the presidency, a happy home life and Olivia - but refuses to make any sort of compromises. Mellie, played by Bellamy Young, has been plagued by all that she's endured in her life, which has driven her to drink as well as fall into the arms of Fitz's new vice presidential nominee Andrew Nichols, played by Jon Tenney.

Not to be outdone, but Sally Langston, played by Kate Burton, has also had an interesting season in Washington D.C. She's gone from a tough-as-nails conservative vice president, to husband murderer, to all around crazy! Also in on the crazy train have been Huck, played by Guillermo Diaz, and the rogue Quinn, played by Katie Lowes, whose general disgust for each other has since turned into spitting-and-licking signs of affection.

Check out 5 highlights from the "Scandal" season 3 finale, titled "The Price of Free and Fair Education," which aired on Thursday, April 17. Warning: Spoilers ahead! RATE tonight's finale in our poll below.

1. Sally Langston continues doing the most and remains the worst.

Fitz is informed by Jake and Cyrus, played by Jeff Perry, that a bomb is underneath the church where Fitz is scheduled to hold a eulogy. With Sally, Andrew and many others unaware of what's beneath them, Fitz orders the church be evacuated. While they were successful in getting people out of the church, the bomb still detonates and causes harm to those still outside the church. Sally, ever the opportunist, is coaxed by her minion Leo, played by Paul Adelstein, to seize the tragedy as her moment to take the election.

Leo proceeds to rip her clothes and make her look disheveled and has her dressed the wounded people's bandages in front of rolling news cameras. The dramatics! In the midst of Sally Langston's parade for the media, Fitz addresses the explosion from The White House, a move that was not going over well with the media. When the news catches wind of Sally's charades, Fitz's speech is moved to a split screen, before it is wiped off the news altogether, leaving Olivia in fury.

When Sally said outside the church that she would be "just, swift and ruthless" in her search for the person responsible for the explosion, it sounded more like she was talking about herself. Sure, she may be "just" in that she very well could want the best for the country, but she nevertheless goes about her quest in a "swift" and "ruthless" way that no matter how good her intentions were before, she's blinded by power and the evil that surrounds her. Maybe one of these days she'll turn it around ... but who are we kidding. Stay blessed, Sally!

2. The Grants prepare for a loss and deal with another.

After the country rallies behind Sally Langston and her "healing" ways, Fitz has come to the realization that he is going to lose the election. There's nothing he can do about it, nothing Cyrus can do about it, not even anything Olivia can do about it. The idea of losing angers Mellie, who shouts that she "wants a refund" for Olivia's services, deeming her useless if she doesn't get them the win.

With the presidency out of his reach, Fitz feels as though he and Olivia can finally have their dream life in Vermont together, and tells her his intention to leave Mellie. Deeming her as manipulative and evil, Fitz proclaims his love to Olivia and tells her he wants to get married and have two babies. Olivia, however, drops a bombshell on Fitz, informing him that it is not an ideal time to leave Mellie after learning that she was raped by his father, Big Jerry.

Immediately after learning the news, Fitz comes to Mellie's side, and without saying a word, Mellie knows he knows the truth. The two have a rare moment of peace, with Fitz gently kissing her on the head and assuring her that he's here for her. Mellie then reveals that a paternity test proved that their teenage son Jerry is, in fact, Fitz's biological child. Mellie assures him that she fought off Big Jerry, and embraces her husband for the first time in forever.

Just as they're dealing with the impending loss of the election and Mellie's truth finally being set free, Fitz is scheduled to make one final speech before people take to the polls and vote. During the speech, their son Jerry is seen with a severe nose bleed before collapsing to the ground. It is revealed shortly after that he passed away from a seizure, leaving the entire First Family broken.

3. "We're going to win the election, now."

With the news of Fitz's son's passing now all over the news, Olivia, Cyrus and the Grant administration have come to the realization that the election they were about to give up on is now, unintentionally, back in their hands. While it is a harsh reality for them to swallow, they are completely aware that the voters will now throw their support behind the grieving president and his family, and there's nothing they can do to change that.

As Fitz, Mellie and their daughter Karen grieve their son in the hospital, Fitz is informed that a rare bacterial string of meningitis was responsible for Jerry's death. They've realized that Jerry's death is no accident, he was murdered, and all signs point to Maya Pope. An enraged Fitz shares the news with a wounded Rowan Pope, who agrees to help take down Maya and bring her to justice for what she has done to his son. His idea of justice: finding Maya and killing her.

When Olivia is informed that Jerry was actually murdered by her mother, she proceeds to fall into a panic and breaks down. The thought of her mother and father being responsible for all the turmoil that has gone on in her life has already been heavy on her, but now she feels as though a child's life is on her hands. Typically, she has an answer and fix for everything, but this time, she's ready to wave a white flag and utter the phrase Gladiators never thought she would say: "I quit."

4. Closing time at O.P.A.

With all that has happened and her father on the hunt for Maya, Olivia feels it is her time to leave Washington D.C. behind and go where she cannot cause harm to others. The news is upsetting for her associate Abby, played by Darby Stanchfield, while Huck appears to be in support of her wanting to get away.

As she packs up her apartment, Jake learns that she has quit her business and is confused why she would make such a drastic change. She tells him, "I'm the scandal," feeling as though she is the common denominator in all the bad things that have been happening around her. She remains firm in her quest to leave, while Jake tries to win her back. Hoping to be included in her journey, he tells her, again, to run away with him, to save him. She tells Jake that she is in love with someone else, being Fitz, but there's a glimmer in her eye that still sparkles for Jake. It's obvious!

It's truly hard to imagine Olivia Pope quitting anything. She endured so much over the last season, obstacles that would have caused anyone else in her shoes to quit a long time ago. If there's one thing Gladiators have been trained to know, it's that Olivia Pope is not a quitter.

5. "He took my child, so I took his."

Rowan, who is now back in command at B-613, enlists the help of Harrison, played by Columbus Short, in order to hunt down Maya, revealing to him that his sometimes lady friend Adnan was murdered at Maya's command. They are ultimately successful in finding her, and have armed agents capture her at gunpoint. SUCCESS! Rowan informs Fitz that Maya has been killed, bringing him some form of justice for the loss of his son ...

Justice, however, is blind to everyone else but Harrison, who pieces together that with Rowan back at the helm of B-613, Jerry's sudden death is all a bit too convenient given the fact that Maya was purely interested in money, and not harming children. It is then revealed that Rowan was, in fact, the person who murdered Fitz's son Jerry and had a B-613 agent give him the virus. Rowan's rationale for the murder: "He took my child (Olivia), so I took his (Jerry)." OH! MY! GOD! Once Harrison pieces it all together, Rowan can't let him walk free and holds him at gunpoint.

It is also revealed that Maya was not murdered and is in the custody of B-613 once again. What is his plan for her? Only time will tell. What we do know is that Olivia has no idea of any of it, as she has boarded a private plane to ride off into the sun with ... Jake!!! The two can finally be together, while a shaken Fitz and Mellie attempt to get ahold of her as their winning numbers for the election roll in. Olivia always takes Fitz's phone calls, even to just be on the line together, but this time, she ignores the phone call as the plane leaves the runway.

What happened to Harrison? What's Rowan going to do with Maya? Will Fitz and Mellie be able to handle The White House without Olivia? Will Olivia stand in the sun with Jake? So many questions and TOO MUCH TIME TO THINK ABOUT THEM. Let the "Scandal"-less summer theories begin!

Gladiators, what did you think about the "Scandal" season 3 finale? RATE it in our poll below, from 1-10!

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