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OTRC: Kate Upton, Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann talk 'The Other Woman': Q&A

Leslie Mann, Cameron Diaz and Kate Upton talk to OTRC.com about 'The Other Woman,' in theaters on April 25, 2014. (OTRC)

Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann and Kate Upton get even with the man that has been cheating on all of them in their new comedy "The Other Woman."

In the movie, in theaters on April 25, Diaz plays a character named Carly, who discovers that her boyfriend Mark, played by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau of "Game of Thrones" fame, is actually a married man. She then, by chance, befriends his wife Kate, played by Mann, and the two both learn that Mark has been secretly dating a new, younger woman named Amber, played by Upton. The three woman ultimately team up against Mark in an attempt to destroy him for ruining their lives.

The three ladies recently sat down with OTRC.com to discuss the film, how physical comedy played a major part in the movie and what Upton learned from her co-stars in her first starring movie role.

Watch videos of their interview and clips from "The Other Woman" above, and check out a trailer for the film below.

Q: What do you think people need to see "The Other Woman" on date night?

Leslie Mann: "Because the man that you bring along will look at Mark, our 'villain,' our male character in the movie and think, 'Wow, I'm awesome compared to that guy. I've never done anything as bad as that guy.' And they'll feel really good about themselves and their girlfriends will appreciate them even more."

Kate Upton: "And there's poop jokes, and all men love a poop joke."

Cameron Diaz: "Poop jokes!"

Leslie Mann: "Poop jokes and nice cars!"

Q: A lot of physical comedy, which is not easy ... fun to have a partner?

Cameron Diaz: "We didn't know that that was really gonna happen and now that I think about it, there was a description of [Leslie Mann] tackling the tackle, but it wasn't really like, what happened in the middle of it, was like, completely- we had no idea how long it was gonna go on, what was gonna happen with it.

"We just found, and even before that we found like, this physical, you know, relationship between our bodies, that are very different -- like, I have really long legs and a shorter torso and she has a long torso and shorter legs and so we found that we had this just like balance between us that really led to ..."

Leslie Mann: "You carrying me and not dropping me and me climbing all over you."

Cameron Diaz: "Exactly. Which is ? you don't get to do that so often and certainly don't get to do that with other women, ever."

Q: Do you (Kate Upton) feel you got to learn from these guys?

Kate Upton: "Yes, I learned so much. I'm so grateful that they were on my first film [note she's appeared on the big screen before]. I mean, they're such amazing women and they're so inspiring and every scene, they pay attention to what's coming across."

They're such great examples but they want to put an amazing example for every young woman on the screen and I think it really shows. ? [jokes] I wanted in on the physical!

Cameron Diaz: "You guys had a physical dance together. When you were on her back ?"

Leslie Mann: "She gave me a piggyback ride. I climbed all over you, too. ... I'm like the monkey ..."

Reporting by Cari Skillman of KABC Television, which produces the nationally syndicated entertainment show "On The Red Carpet" (check for local TV listings).

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