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OTRC: Angelina Jolie, 'Maleficent' star, NOT impressed by Disney princesses

Angelina Jolie talks about Disney's 'Maleficent' in a May 2014 interview.

We'll wager an educated guess and say that as a young teen, Angelina Jolie probably did not toss her hair back dramatically, Ariel-style, while surfacing inside swimming pools.

The 38-year-old Oscar winner, who plays the villain Maleficent in a new Disney movie by the same name, is NOT impressed by Disney princesses.

"I found them quite dull," she told the Associated Press in a recent interview.

Jolie's attitude toward the princesses is not surprising -- she is known for her dark, mysterious and gun-toting roles in past films such as "Salt" and "Mr. & Mrs. Smith," which starred now-fiance Brad Pitt, and won an Oscar for playing a sociopath in "Girl, Interrupted." (In the latter '60s-era film, her character declares that she plans to move to Florida and become the "new Cinderella at Walt Disney's new theme park.")

"Maleficent" is a live-action spinoff of the studio's hit 1959 animated movie "Sleeping Beauty," which is centered on the kind-hearted and innocent Princess Aurora. The new movie, set for release on May 30, shows how the winged, horned villain -- one of Disney's most famous -- turned evil.

"(Maleficent) is kind of an anti-hero for the odd man out," Jolie told the Associated Press. "And, when she feels abused, or when somebody hurts her, she then says, 'Oh, all right. You're going to mess with me? Watch me.'"

In "Maleficent," which is rated PG, Elle Fanning plays the teen version of Princess Aurora, while Jolie's real-life 5-year-old daughter Vivienne, one of the actress and fiance Brad Pitt's six children, portrays the character as a child.

The couple's middle daughter Shiloh may also share her mother's sentiment toward Disney princesses; the actress revealed in an interview with ELLE that the 7-year-old laughed in her face when asked if she wanted the role.

Still, it appears Disney plays an important part in the Jolie-Pitt family's life. The actress revealed in a recent interview with People magazine that the children will be involved in the planning of her wedding to Pitt, adding: "It's going to be Disney or paintball -- one or the other!"

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