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OTRC: Drew Barrymore, Adam Sandler talk 'Blended': 5 adorable moments (Video)

Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler talked to OTRC.com in an interview for 'Blended' on May 12, 2014.

Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler team up once again in the family comedy "Blended" and the two actors talked to OTRC.com recently about working together again.

In the film, which hits theaters on May 23, Barrymore and Sandler play two single parents who go on a bad blind date together and never want to see each other again. They then separately sign up for a family vacation with their kids and get stuck sharing a suite at the same African resort.

The film also stars Bella Thorne, Terry Crews, Wendi-McLendon-Covey, Joel McHale, Kevin Nealon and Jessica Lowe.

Check out five adorable moments from Barrymore and Sandler's interview below and watch their complete interview above.

1. When asked if there was a comfort factor when they worked together...

Sandler [to Barrymore]: "Hey, by the way, it was 100 percent there except day one of the shoot. Drew was a little jet lagged and, I gotta say, and her eyes weren't exactly, uh, kind looking. I'd say, 'I think we got it' and she'd say, 'Really? You do think so?' I'd be like, 'Why? You wanna go again?' [Sandler as Barrymore] 'I don't care.' You were hostile. Remember how hostile you were?"

Barrymore: "I definitely remember being extremely jet lagged."

Sandler: "You were tired. I'll give you that."

Barrymore: "I don't think I was hostile ..."

Sandler: "Yeah, you were."

Barrymore: "...but I was jet lagged."

Sandler: "I wish I'd taped it."

Barrymore: "I wish you did too."

2. When asked if they get to push each other because they know each other so well...

Sandler: "She pushes me! Dress better! Step it up."

Barrymore: "I certainly do. I put my foot right up there!"

Sandler: "Our romantic scene, she certainly yelled at me a few times, saying, 'I don't think ... maybe you should try it a little ... I think you should go again.' I'd be like, 'I thought it was pretty good!' Nope! And then we'd go again. I was definitely trying to please Drew."

3. When they talk about inspiring each other to do better and Barrymore calls Sandler a "quilt" in the film...

Barrymore: "In all seriousness, I definitely try to inspire the best out of him and he definitely gives me the opportunities -- like especially when he does the writing, it's like I receive the pages and I'm like, 'I get to do this? This is so great! Thank you!'"

Sandler: "She did it way better than we thought. She plays a recently divorced mom in it and -- with kids and fears and nervous about their future and I could not believe how great Drew was. Like when we did the scene when we go on a date, the first scene of the movie we were..."

Barrymore: "That was a great scene!"

Sandler: "She's funny as hell in it, but she really was that girl and really, everything about her was -- and I was on my side of the camera going, 'Oh my god, she's like committed to this. I gotta -- who the hell is my character?' She made me second-guess my whole life."

Barrymore: "I love you in this movie."

Sandler: "No, eventually I got great."

Barrymore: "You are so good. There's so many versions of things I love about you in this movie. I told you, you're like a quilt in this movie."

Sandler: "She calls me a quilt."

Barrymore: "I do."

4. When they compliment each other...

Barrymore: "I like that Adam is very much still the same person as when we first started out together..."

Sandler: "Same here."

Barrymore:"...because he's always been nice and kind and just the greatest pleasure to be around for everyone and he's the same."

Sandler: "You too. Says hi to everybody, nice to everybody, committed to her craft, but committed to making sure everybody's having as good of a time as she is."

5. When Barrymore talks about growing with Sandler from "The Wedding Singer" to now...

Barrymore: "Also we've like grown up together. When we did 'The Wedding Singer,' life was different. When we did '50 First Dates,' life was different. You were about to marry Jackie [Sandler], I was still totally confused, but having fun. Now we both have two daughters, it's amazing!"

Sandler: "Yeah, we did all right."

Reporting by Cari Skillman of KABC Television, which produces the nationally syndicated entertainment show "On The Red Carpet" (check for local TV listings).

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