New Corvette Z06 adds power, technology

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A stronger, more cutting-edge Corvette has arrived. Meet the 2015 Corvette Z06.

The new seventh-generation Corvette is the best-performing version that Chevrolet has ever built, but if that's not enough for you, more Corvette has arrived: the 2015 Corvette Z06. It has even more of everything.

With 650 horsepower, thanks to supercharging, the car brings more speed and brisk acceleration. The body has more width at the rear to surround more tire tread, necessary to put the big power to the ground.

The extra boost means there's also more money needed to buy one. With a base price of about $80,000 (the regular Corvette starts at $56,000), it's a relative bargain compared to other super sports cars with similar power.

The Z06 also has a degree of exclusivity among Corvettes. For some enthusiasts, that alone almost makes it worth the price.

For an additional $18,000, Santa Ana-based Callaway Cars will build their version of the Corvette with 627 horsepower. The company has been tuning them for more power and performance since the 1970s, when Corvettes didn't really perform that well.

Many sports car buyers want as much power as possible and this new "super Corvette" delivers. The factory-built Z06 has a good 200 more horsepower than the regular 2015 corvette.

Although these days it's not just about power. Chevrolet has added some technology too.

The Performance Data Recorder uses computing power, satellite locating and a high-definition camera behind the windshield to record your driving adventures.

From exercising the Corvette's limits on a track to hustling down your favorite twisty road, the action is all captured. It can then be played back, either inside the car when parked or copied onto an SD card.

The best part for anyone who worries about their pride-and-joy: Valet Mode. It will record any shenanigans going on while a valet or mechanic has the key.

One Orange County man already busted a valet using the system in his 2015 Corvette Stingray last fall, and the valet was apparently fired after the evidence was presented. The video showed the car being driven at over 50 miles per hour in a parking structure.

Technology now lets buyers enjoy the Corvette Z06 even more and keeps other people from enjoying it when the owners aren't looking.

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