'Priceless' movie confronts human trafficking issues

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The new film 'Priceless' confronts the issues of human trafficking. (KABC)

The new movie "Priceless" is part drama, part thriller and part love story as it highlights the harsh reality of human trafficking.

The film stars singer Joel Smallbone, who makes up half of the Grammy-Award winning Christian rock band "For King and Country."

His brother, Ben Smallbone, directed the film and the family affair went even deeper.

Their dad David Smallbone and brother Luke Smallbone served as executive producers.

Working as a team was nothing new to the tight knit group.

"When we first moved to the states from Australia my dad had been offered a job," Joel Smallbone recalled. "We were kids at the time, and he lost everything. We had to pull together as a family, raked leaves, mowed lawns, did whatever we could and it all went back into the family fund. That knit us together as a family."

Actor David Koechner co-stars in "Priceless." He's generally known for his comedic roles, but had a personal reason for wanting to take part in the project that hopes to bring awareness to the topic of human trafficking.

"I have three daughters, so you know it's something that can easily touch your heart," explained Koechner. "At this very moment, when we sit here, there are women all over this country, all over the globe, who are being trafficked, forced into prostitution, and I think if we can raise awareness we've won."

Joel Smallbone believes the film delivers a simple, but powerful message: Every individual has worth.

"You can only do so much in an hour and 37 minutes, but I think from what we've seen there's a conversation," Joel Smallbone said. "People are touched, entertained, but there's a conversation that's coming out of it. And I think that's beautiful."

"Priceless" was set to open in theaters on Friday.
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