Man gets tattoo of The Dress, calls it 'dumb'


If you think you're never going to stop thinking about The Dress, you wouldn't be the only one.

Daniel Howland, a 24-year-old piercing artist out of Austin, Texas, will have reason to remember the viral sensation for a long time coming. He got it tattooed on his leg.

Howland says he's always seen The Dress as blue and black (except for a brief moment when he was drunk), so his tattoo, naturally, has black and blue ink. In an ode to the debate surrounding the photo, he added the words, "White and gold?"

Howland himself said the tattoo was stupid. He said he got it because he was amused at all the fuss over the photo.

"I thought it was funny that it upset a lot of people," he told ABC of The Dress. "I had a spot on my leg I didn't care about."

So he thought, why not put something there that made him laugh? Friday night, he did just that.

Since Howland works at a tattoo parlor, he gets free tattoos. He's not sure how many tattoos he has because they often blend together.

Howland stressed that he doesn't think it's a bad tattoo. That's because for him it's about aesthetics, not meaning.

"People are saying it's the worst tattoo. It's really nowhere near that. It's actually a great tattoo. It's just dumb."

Photos used with permission of Daniel Howland.
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