Watch 100 years of Russian beauty in a minute

The latest episode of the ''100 Years of Beauty'' time-lapse videos focuses on Russian culture. (Cut Video/YouTube)

When you think of Russian beauty, do you think of ski masks? The latest installment of "100 Years of Beauty" features perceptions of beauty in Russia through the decades, and it has an unexpected ending.

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As with all the other time-lapse videos in the "100 Years of Beauty" YouTube series, Cut Video takes viewers through a century of makeup and hairstyles in about a minute, decade-by-decade.

After the model is done up with the 2010s trends, she makes one last drastic change, donning a ski mask with holes for the eyes and mouth. The look is inspired by Pussy Riot, the feminist performance art/punk rock group known for wearing similar masks.

As with all of the cultures it has featured, Cut says the looks from each decade were carefully crafted by hair and makeup experts, as detailed in their research video.

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