The wealthiest Americans of each state


Real-estate company Movoto, compiling data from both Forbes and Celebrity Net Worth, has released the names of the richest residents of the U.S. in each state in an interactive map.

While not necessarily the 50 richest people in America (some states have more rich people than others), it's easy to see there's an income gap even between billionaires. For instance, the top two rich men on this list, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, are still separated by nearly $17 billion, with Gates being worth almost 24% more than Buffet.

Motovo points out that academics may not be as important as one might think. The richest man seen here is Bill Gates, a college dropout, while the most educated man with a PhD, Delaware's Robert Gore, is only the second least wealthiest on the map.

Not all of these rich persons are entrepreneurs and successful CEOs, but many are heirs, heiresses and widows of their outrageous fortunes. Three spawn of Sam Walton, the founder of Wal-Mart, are the top richest residents for Arkansas, Texas and Wyoming. Check them out below.

Wealthiest Americans by State:

Alabama - Marguerite Harbert. Worth: $1 Billion.

Alaska - Bob Gillam. Worth: $700 Million.

Arizona - Bruce Halle. Worth: $4.8 Billion.

Arkansas - Jim Walton. Worth: $35.7 Billion.

California - Larry Ellison. Worth: $49.9 Billion. The 3rd wealthiest of the most wealthy residents.

Colorado - Charlie Ergen. $15 Billion.

Connecticut - Ray Dalio. Worth: $14.4 Billion.

Delaware - Robert W. Gore. Worth: $830 Million.

Florida - Charles Johnson. Worth $8.1 Billion.

Georgia - Anne Cox Chambers. Worth: $16.1 Billion.

Hawaii - Pierre Omidyar. Worth: $7.9 Billion.

Idaho - Frank L. VanderSloot. Worth: $1.2 Billion.

Illinois - Kenneth C. Griffin. Worth: $5.5 Billion.

Indiana - Gayle Cook. Worth: $6 Billion.

Iowa - Harry Stine. Worth: $3.1 Billion.

Kansas - Charles Koch. Worth: $41.4 Billion. The 5th wealthiest of the most wealthy residents, and brother to David Koch (New York).

Kentucky - B. Wayne Hughes. Worth: $2.3 Billion.

Louisiana - Tom Benson. Worth: $1.5 Billion.

Maine - Leon Gorman. Worth: $860 Million.

Maryland - Ted Lerner. Worth: $4.6 Billion.

Massachusetts - Abigail Johnson. Worth: $18.2 Billion.

Michigan - Hank and Doug Meijer. Worth: $7.9 Billion.

Minnesota - Whitney MacMillan. Worth: $5.3 Billion.

Mississippi - Leslie Lampton. Worth: $2.4 Billion.

Missouri - Jack C. Taylor. Worth: $13.5 Billion.

Montana - Dennis Washington. Worth: $6.1 Billion.

Nebraska - Warren Buffett. Worth: $63.1 Billion. The 2nd wealthiest of the most wealthy residents.

Nevada - Sheldon Adelson. Worth: $35.7 Billion.

New Hampshire - Rick Cohen. Worth: $11.2 Billion.

New Jersey - David Tepper. Worth: $10 Billion.

New Mexico - Maloof Brothers. Worth: $1 Billion.

New York - David Koch. Worth: $41.4 Billion. The 4th wealthiest of the most wealthy residents., and brother to Charles Koch (Kansas).

North Carolina - James Goodnight. Worth: $8.1 Billion.

North Dakota - Gary Tharaldson. Worth: $900 Million.

Ohio - Les Wexner. Worth: $5.7 Billion.

Oklahoma - Harold Hamm. Worth: $19.7 Billion.

Oregon - Phil Knight. Worth: $19 Billion.

Pennsylvania - Mary Alice Dorrance Malone. Worth: $3 Billion.

Rhode Island - Jonathan Nelson. Worth: $1.8 Billion

South Carolina - Anita Zucker. Worth: $2.7 Billion.

South Dakota - T. Denny Sanford. Worth: $1.3 Billion.

Tennessee - Thomas F. Frist, Jr. Worth: $6.9 Billion.

Texas - Alice Walton. Worth: $35.3 Billion.

Utah - Jon Huntsman, Sr. Worth: $1.2 Billion.

Vermont - John Abele. Worth: $3.3 Billion.

Virginia - Jacqueline Mars. Worth: $20 Billion.

Washington - Bill Gates. Worth: $80 Billion. The wealthiest person in America.

West Virginia - Jim Justice. Worth: $1.6 Billion.

Wisconsin - John Menard. Worth: $7.7 Billion.

Wyoming - Christy Walton. Worth: $37.9 Billion.

Now that you know their names, will you be asking your local rich person for a loan? Let us know in the comments below.

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