Yum! 7 Exquisite chocolate Chip recipes for every skill level

Warning, chocolate lovers: Reading this post will bring on some pretty intense cravings.
No matter how comfortable you are in the kitchen, there's a fun new way to celebrate Chocolate Chip Day here for you.

  1. Nutella sandwiches
    Skill level: The "I know how to make great meals... in the microwave" beginner

    This "recipe" really is as easy as it sounds.
    1. Pick out your favorite chocolate chip cookie (it can be store-bought!)
    2. Spread Nutella on it.
    3. Take another cookie.
    4. Spread peanut butter on this one.
    5. Smoosh them together.
    6. Enjoy, and don't let anyone say the word "calories" in your vicinity.
    Inspired by this more complicated version.

  2. Banana boats
    Skill level: The "I can use the oven without forgetting it's on" beginner

    This is a (possibly) healthier alternative for s'mores lovers.
    Slice a banana hot-dog style, stuff it with marshmallows and, of course, chocolate chips, and stick it in the oven (or over a camp fire!) until the chocolate melts.

    Here's the recipe in more detail.

  3. Chocolate chip Oreo cookie
    Skill level: The "I like to impress people without actually trying" intermediate

    Really, just pick a cookie dough recipe, wrap the dough around an Oreo, and bake it. I know, you're wishing you'd been the person who thought of this. So am I. So am I.

    Detailed instructions here.

  4. Chocolate espresso mousse
    Skill level: The "I live for my blender" intermediate

    Because you know that chocolate and coffee were made for each other, but you don't want to ruin your good health record.

    OK, so this recipe actually uses a food processor, but if you're more of a drink person, you have one of those, too, right?

  5. Chocolate chip cookie dough fudge
    Skill level: The "I can't remember the last time I bought a box of mix" intermediate

    Making cookie dough is just the beginning in making this awesome fudge. You know you're really a baking expert if you're able to move on to the next step without thinking, "Gee, what happened to all the dough I made?"

  6. Mini red velvet cheesecakes
    Skill level: The "Baking is more of a lifestyle than a hobby" expert

    Red velvet? Cheesecake? Chocolate chips? If you bake this much, you know this combination is just indulgent enough to be a real treat without hitting "Halloween candy" sweet status.

    Recipe here.

  7. Chocolate Chip-stuffed soft pretzel
    Skill level: The "My loved ones should pay me just to be in the presence of my food" expert

    Weren't expecting to see a recipe involving yeast on this list, were you? Even the expert who blogged about making these was worried they didn't look pretty. But you really won't care what it looks like when you bite into the most gooey, delicious pretzel you've ever spent half your day making.

Go ahead, pick out your favorite chocolate chips and get baking. Unless you want to just sit on your couch eating them out of a bag all day. I won't tell anyone.
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