High tech fitness apps that count more than steps, calories

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Fitness apps that count more than steps or calories featured at Wearable Tech L.A. Convention. (KABC)

We've come a long way since 1780 when the first pedometer was created. Today's fitness trackers measure a multitude of data to help us monitor health, going well beyond counting calories or steps.

"The idea is really to find the next generation of products ... that's going to enhance your life over time," said Loic Maestracci, co-organizer of the Wearable Tech L.A. convention.

Inventors got high marks for innovation at the convention, which was held in Pasadena back in July.

The Plantiga app features the "connect" shoe that senses and analyzes human movement in real time.

"We're trying to design the insert in such a way that it's going to outlive the life of your shoe. That's the goal," said Plantiga CEO Quinn Sandler. "In our footwear, we basically breakdown the kinetic chain. So we can understand what's going on with your balance and your posture, your alignment, your fatigue, your jump. It might help you prevent injury and all sorts of things."

Electrozyme's bio sensor app measures body chemicals like lactic acid -- a measure of how hard your muscles are working. It also features other data on a mobile dashboard such as your muscular exertion, fatigue, dehydration level and electrolyte balance -- a plus for triathlon or marathoners.

There's also technology that help you reduce stress through breath. The BioBeats app even finds your body's soundtrack.

"I put my finger on the back of my iPhone on the camera, which shines a light into my skin and starts looking at the rhythm of my heart," explained Nadeem Kassam.

Musical stems compose in real time based on your heart's rhythm.

Among all the high tech changes one thing remains constant. Research shows that half of the U.S. consumers that buy a tracker, stop using it.

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