'Metaphysique' combines interval training with meditation to keep exercisers on their game

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A new technique called 'Metaphysique' combines color, sound, and vibration for a tablet or smart phone. Meditation while exercising has shown to help users enjoy workouts. (KABC)

It's not unusual to see personal training at a gym, but Haviland Stillwell added something else to her workout: interval meditation.

"This isn't just 'now we're training our brain. Now we're training our body. Now we're training our soul,' You're kind of doing it all at one time," Stillwell said.

She just tried "Metaphysique," a meditation method with entertainment fitness pro Craig Ramsay who co-created the program with healing expert Caroline Corey.

"Meditation is simply a state of mind that if we were to take that into everything we do we have that much more accurate and precise results," Corey said.

So why not do that with fitness where many have a hard time sticking with it due to their dislike of exercise.

"Unfortunately, the majority of people that reach out to me and see me for training, they have a lot of baggage with getting into the gym environment and experience working out," Ramsay said.

Both experts said mind chatter such as "I feel fat, I'm lazy, I hate exercise" can be reprogrammed.

"It's the mind that put these blocks in your body, and the mind can very easily take them out," Corey said.

Their program offers meditation for warm up, training intervals and cool down.

No mantras, no silly chanting, Corey said this is the new way of meditating where you actually feel relaxed and energized.

"There's specific colors and tones and motions, movements that your brain waves are going to connect with," Corey said.

Known as "resonance," these work on your nervous system to make positive changes.

"You can actually see on the EEG or the EKG - you can see those changes," Corey said.

You can find the program on Corey's Omniuniverse website. It sells for $5.99.
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