Man proposes to high school sweetheart on her last day of chemotherapy

Lucas D'Onofrio spent months planning the perfect proposal. (Lucas D'Onofrio/YouTube)

Completing chemotherapy is cause for celebration for anyone battling cancer, but Tamara Bruzzo's final chemo session was made extra memorable when her high school sweetheart showed up at the hospital and popped the question.

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Bruzzo had been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma earlier this year, according to her now-fiance Lucas D'Onofrio, and was undergoing treatment at Boca Raton Regional Hospital in Florida.

"I decided at the end of 2014 to propose to Tamara in 2015, I just didn't know how or when to do it. It struck me after her second chemotherapy session that it would be a great idea to propose to her on her last chemo session," D'Onofrio told ABC.

So enlisting the help of friends, family and the medical staff at the hospital, D'Onofrio spent three months planning the perfect proposal. The end result involved hundreds of flowers and candles, along with dozens of balloons and photos documenting their six-year relationship.

D'Onofrio told ABC that the only reason he took video of his proposal is because he didn't want anyone in the room except for himself, Bruzzo and a photographer.

"Everyone begged me to take a video of it so they could see. Next thing I know the video's number of views is multiplying by the hours, I was so shocked," he said.

The video has been viewed almost 200,000 times since D'Onofrio posted it to YouTube earlier this week. He says they are thrilled so many people have been able to share in their special moment.

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