'Ultimate Treadmill Workout' takes cardio to next level

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David Siik, creator of Precision Running, leads 'The Ultimate Treadmill Workout.'

Americans spend $2 billion every year on treadmills, making it the most popular type of exercise equipment.

But many treadmill owners get bored using them and resolutions to use them quickly lose steam.

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One running expert put together what he calls the ultimate treadmill workout to help keep exercisers on track.

"People always joke, 'it's the dreadmill.' Well it really was. It was originally designed for prisoners," David Siik, creator of Precision Running said.

Siik said many of treadmill users still dread it and are bored or scared that they're not using it correctly.

But still, Siik said he's observed an increase in treadmill classes at gyms and studios and that he knew it was going to be a lasting trend and wanted people to do it right.

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The motto to his program is, "run right, hurt less, burn more," and you do that through something called the B.I.T.E. method.

That stands for balance, interval training and experience.

"It's a sweet spot in between very fast sprint training and distance training," Siik explained.

Although you don't sprint out of the gate, walking and running are natural motions for humans, and once safety foundations are established, people can put intention towards a good run.

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For the ultimate treadmill workout, Siik said to put down the phone and turn off the television.

Then it's on to a high intensity interval training cardio program that methodically creates a pattern.

"So if you change one element, another element changes proportionally," Siik said.

His system plays with incline, speed in varied lengths of time. Learning to time speed changes takes getting use too, but without distractions, it is doable.

"So if you go 30 seconds on five percent incline, the next interval gets longer, we'll bring your incline down to four (percent)," Siik explained.

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"I thought I knew how to run, but when I start his class, it's a whole new ball game," Equinox Group Exercise instructor Saori Soga said. "I burn more calories this way than running on my own for three hours."

Failing to change your program often means limited changes in your success.

"Sometimes the things you don't like to do are the things you need to do the most," personal trainer Brian Parker explained.

Silk created the group exercise program for Equinox gyms, but he's also written a book called, "The Ultimate Treadmill Workout" for those running solo.

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