Hermosa Beach gym offers muscle rehab classes

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Poise Fitness owner feels that those attempting to get in shape fast need a tutorial on working minor muscles in order to prevent injury. (KABC)

Sanaz Tahernia just celebrated a one year workout anniversary at Poise Fitness in Hermosa Beach where she takes a high intensity interval training class.

"I know I tend to forget about the smaller muscles, so it's really nice to remind yourself to come in, especially if it's before class," Tahernia said.

But the Palos Verdes resident recently tried their "corrective exercise class" designed for those who are injured or want to prevent that.

"I had pulled, I believe, my 'lat' muscle. It was breathtaking, the pain. I couldn't even lie down on my back," recounted Tahernia.

Justin Roth, owner of Poise Fitness, feels the boot camp craze that started a few years ago got the ball rolling for many overuse injuries. He sees clients strive for strength and size, but don't often consider going beyond major muscles like chest, back and glutes.

"We're trying to re-think the fitness process. We're trying to balance the intensity with constructive and functional movement," Roth said.

And let's be clear. It can be boring. Working minor muscles in a controlled fashion is less than exciting, but for those like Tahernia, it's worth it.

"When I get injured the muscles around tend to overcompensate and the muscle that gets injured gets weak," said Tahernia.

Poise offers two weeks on each particular area of the body such as neck, middle back, low back and knees, performing exercises used in physical therapy. The 20-minute workouts cost $25.

"You're using muscles you're not used to using. So there is a mental aspect. 'I've got to think of using that smaller muscle and engaging that in the proper way,'" said Roth.

Now these trainers are not physical therapists but rather certified trainers and exercise physiologists that certainly know patterns that cause pain and how to get you out of it.

Roth says Poise offer their HIIT classes close to the time of correctional classes to help those who need a little persuading.

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