Barre workouts get leg up on fitness trends after decade at gym

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No longer just for ballet dancers, barre workouts are increasingly becoming popular as classes blend strength training, cardio and flexibility.

It's an on going challenge in the fitness industry, consistently keeping up with trending workouts.

"You have to stay in trend if you're a fitness studio. You have to stay on the mark, giving clients what they want," said Kelsey Patel, owner of Pure Barre Beverly Hills.

Patel says while barre classes remain hot, this decade year old workout needed a leg up. So, Pure Barre created Pure Barre platform, a new workout, adding cardio to the mix.

"We are really looking to build endurance, build strength, build your cardiovascular and to get your metabolism working, changing and shifting," Patel explained.

"There's so many variances. So each class brings their own nuance to it. We're not just going to stay at the barre. We're going to come away from the barre do some athletic drills," said creator of The Booty Barre, Tracey Mallet.

Since the start, Mallet's Booty Barre has used cardio intervals. But now, she's added bands and sliders, too.

Her concept is so popular that 24 Hour Fitness has added her program to select locations and they're hoping to expand it to all.

And at Crunch Fitness they've got Barre Boot Camp.

"It's not just, 'Hey, we're at the barre doing plies.' We're incorporating a lot of upper body stabilization in the warm ups and intervals," said Crunch instructor Deb Praver.

Praver says the yoga warm up, light weight interval and body bar section keeps muscles lengthened while strengthened.

"It's not all about brawn men. You need flexibility. As I get older, flexibility becomes more important," said Michael Anderson, an instructor that teaches a hard core battle ropes class.

All of the instructors said while they want people in their courses, classes average around $25, so if it's too pricey they recommended trying to do it at home.

"Anything you can put your hand on. The back of a couch, the back of a chair, and when you get stronger you don't even need the bar," reminded Paver.

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