Fitness trainer reveals the importance of seniors staying active

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Jim Demetriou has been working out with his trainer for fifteen years so he can live unassisted, drive, and have a better quality of life. (KABC)

Fifteen years ago, Jim Demetriou showed he was wise beyond his 92 years after he decided to get a trainer to stay fit.

"I never thought I could be as well as I feel now," Demetriou said.

He hired trainer Julia Morichelli in 2001 per doctor's orders.

He was overweight and had heart problems, but he dropped weight and kept his three-day weekly workouts.

"I think the research is showing that exercise is the best drug we have," said Cheryl Pranskevich, physical therapist at Providence St. Joseph Medical Center.

Prankskevich said memory loss, fall risk and balance are big issues that can all be helped by exercise.

"Our joints do age and we undergo many things in life that might limit us," Pranskevich said.

"They want to be able to live independently. They want to be able to continue to drive, climb stairs," Morichelli said.

Jim drives and lives in a condo with 33 stairs, which helps his strength and hip mobility.

Morichelli teaches him active stretching and what she calls "load and explode" moves such as bending, lifting and twisting.

"In life we step to the side, in life we step backward," said Morichelli.

A device used to help women with things like back pain and bladder control is also used in Morichelli's tool chest for Jim. It's called the Pelvic Core. Yes, it's for guys, too.

"It keeps his pelvic floor and his pelvic core strong. Nobody should have bladder control issues at any age with any issue," Morichelli said.

Along with pelvic stability it will help strengthen the lower and middle back. And while these exercises benefit seniors, they'll help all of us.

"Teenagers have problems that 30 years old have and 30 years olds have problems that 60 year olds used to have because we're such a chair born society," Morichelli said.

Jim Demetriou is the exception.

"I walk better. I feel better and I look better," he said.

If you'd like to follow Demetriou's progress, Morichelli posts some of his workouts on 626 Fitness Facebook page.

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