Natural Product Expo shows off the latest in organic and non-GMO foods

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Cricket flour, mushroom coffee and bean pasta were among the food items on display at the Natural Products Expo in Anaheim. (KABC)

Food, skin care, baby products, even animal treats - all were on display at the Natural Products Expo.

The expo, which was held this weekend in Anaheim, is an annual marketplace that helps wholesalers show off a range of products that are touted to be the next best thing.

Elizabeth Lombardi of Farmhouse Culture was promoting Gut Shot, which she described as a "naturally probiotic vegetable-based drink."

"It's the first of its kind," she said.

Farmhouse Culture also offers barrel-fermented kraut juice for a healthy dose of probiotics in one swig.

Tero Isokauppila of Four Sigmatic touted the benefits of fungi.

"Mushrooms are the original superfoods," he said. "They can help you out with your immune system, hormonal balance and they contain a lot of good minerals."

His company created mushroom coffee and cocoa while Califia farms featured two items for the healthy liquid lineup.

"We have our ginger almond milk with turmeric. We have our matcha almond milk which has one teaspoon of matcha, which is the equivalent of ceremonial tea," said Kaitlin Barton of Califia Farms.

Protein is also a big theme at the expo.

"We're selling protein bars that are made out of meat," said Taylor Collins of Epic Provisions.

"We've taken jerky and we've made it more tender, we've made it bite sized," said Caveman Food's Jim Taschetta.

Protein in plant form is also popular. They call this the 'international year of the pulse.' That means beans and legumes are going to start showing up even in your pasta. Cool Cup offers Veggie Bacon Bits that are pinto-bean based.

"That I love because they can take plant based and make it so easy for us to get in more of the plants and as a result get in more nutrients," said dietitian Ashley Koff.

Insects are also on the protein scene.

"We started with four different bars and now we have cricket flour. It's a high-protein baking flour gluten free, six grams of protein and it's in equal ratio," said Chapul's Lindsay La Paugh.

Since natural isn't a term yet defined by the government, dietitian Kate Geagan says we still need to be careful.

"Devil's in the details," she said. "You still have to read ingredient lists."

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