Diesel, gas mixup at City of Industry station costs customer $1000

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A City of Industry gas station customer found out she's left with more than $1,000 worth of damage because she was mistakenly given diesel fuel. (KABC)

It was a nightmare for one driver as she filled up her tank at a City of Industry gas station and later found out she's left with more than $1,000 worth of damage because she got diesel fuel.

Christina Castro's 2015 Honda was getting fixed. She was told there was nothing wrong with the engine, but the fuel she had caused major problems.

She said the news was "crazy" as she remembered using pump 5 - premium gas at the 76 gas station. Castro said she even checked her receipt that said she pumped premium fuel.

The woman went back to the station, located at 16051 E. Gale Avenue. Soon, she'd learn she wasn't the only one whose fuel was fouled up, but it was unclear how many were affected.

"They stated they were going to take care of everything, and that they were in the process of handling all the complaints," she said.

While visiting, Castro took photos of trucks and "out of service" signs that were placed over pumps. Eyewitness News visited the location on Friday and saw a technician drawing fuel from an underground tank for testing.

Castro said the mangers at the station stated that the technicians who bring in the fuel were at fault, not the gas station.

Officials of Phillips 66, the parent company of the 76 stations, said they were acknowledging that there is a contamination problem at the location.

There was a similar situation in Ontario last January, where fuel had to be siphoned out and tanks had to be scrubbed.

The Honda mechanics said the damage is not a simple fix. The gas tank has to be dropped, the fuel line must be flushed and the pump needs to be replaced. In addition, the car's spark plugs burned out.

While Castro said 76 has promised reimbursement, she said she will always have doubts when filling up.

"I don't think I will come here anymore," she said. "But I am sure it could happen anywhere."

Signs that indicate any problems with contamination of diesel fuel:

- If your car won't rev or idle.
- If black smokes pours of the exhaust.
- If your car keeps on pinging.

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