Self-driving cars will offer revamped interior designs

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When cars drive themselves, their interiors will leave room for tablets and workspaces or just relaxing. (KABC)

With self-driving cars coming down the road soon, designers are working on ways to rework interiors to let drivers use tablets or just relax behind the wheel.

Detroit-based Yanfeng Automotive is busy readying interiors with pivoting seats and steering wheels, plus desk space for when autonomous vehicles arrive.

"Things are changing," said David Muyers with Yanfeng Automotive. "You have to get ready for autonomous mode. The steering wheel will move away. But it still needs to be available so it doesn't disappear. It's a way to give you more space."

The first self-driving cars could be on the roads by 2020. But the first phase will still allow for driver involvement.

Experts say driver fun will still be part of cars of the future.

But for those times when they're not so fun, drivers will be able to just sit back, relax and let the car do all the work.

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