LA activists stage sit-in to decry voter suppression in Democratic primary

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Activists camped out in front of Los Angeles City Hall to express concern about voter suppression in Nevada and other states in the Democratic primary. (KABC)

Activists gathered at Los Angeles City Hall on Wednesday to speak out against voter suppression in the Democratic primary battle.

The protest followed a chaotic party convention in Nevada this weekend when some Sen. Bernie Sanders supporters felt they were cheated out of delegates they felt they deserved.

"How do we know those weren't actually Trump supporters who were doing that pretending to be Bernie Sanders supporters?" said Alfredo Carlos of Long Beach.

California Sen. Barbara Boxer, a Clinton supporter, was booed on stage at the Nevada event.

"I expect Bernie to get a hold of this whole situation," Boxer said after the event. "That's what I expect from a leader and Bernie has shown that he's a leader in this country."

Sanders put out a statement condemning violence, but also claimed "Democratic leadership used its power to prevent a fair and transparent process from taking place."

Sanders rallied supporters in San Jose on Wednesday, following a rally in Carson Tuesday. He's heading down to San Diego on Saturday.

With Sanders staying in the race despite being behind in the delegate count to Hillary Clinton, the June 7 California primary is looming as a critical showdown.

The Los Angeles activists planned to sit-in outside City Hall for 24 hours, camping out Wednesday night in tents and holding a rally in the morning. They displayed art that showed voters' voices being silenced and planned to watch a movie about voter suppression.

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