Jeep releases special 75th-anniversary vehicles

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It's one of the most recognizable vehicle names in the world: Jeep. (KABC)

It's one of the most recognizable vehicle names in the world: Jeep.

"Being Jeep, being an iconic vehicle, we're known for open-air capability and these vehicles demonstrate that," said Trevor Dorchies, a Jeep spokesman.

Just about every weekend, somewhere in America, people are having fun in Jeeps.

But long before fun time, Jeep came about as a need when America headed into World War 2. The U.S. military commissioned a small, lightweight vehicle that could tackle rough terrain, was simple to repair and tough enough to withstand battle duty.

Tackling rough terrain is one of any Jeep vehicle's core missions as it celebrates 75 years. And to mark the big anniversary, you can get 75th-anniversary editions of Jeep models, like the top-of-the-line Grand Cherokee.

The 75th-anniversary models aren't mechanically different, but done up with special bronze trim here and there, inside and out, plus special seats. Needless to say, the GI's of all those years ago would never have imagined a Jeep as nice inside as a loaded-up 2016 Grand Cherokee, nor its sticker price of more than $40,000 with options.

The military actually hasn't used Jeeps in combat for many years. But for all the years they did, the vehicle got a reputation as being extremely tough and capable.

And trail duty is still key for Jeep and dedicated Jeep owners.

Even the smaller, newer models like the Renegade have technology that can help them tackle the rough stuff. And even though Jeeps are often found on the negative side of reliability surveys, to many of their enthusiastic off-roading owners, nothing else will substitute for a Jeep.

"Jeep customers as a whole, they're a rabid fan base in the best way possible," Dorchies said. "Across our lineup, you look at the Grand Cherokee - you can go off-roading with the air conditioning on and the windows up. Then you can go to Trader Joe's to get something to eat."

We don't know what's in store for any vehicle brand in the coming 75 years. But the 75 that are being celebrated now by Jeep have included a great number of variations, often tackling rough situations along the way.

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