Husband of Texas mom who killed daughters says she wanted him to suffer

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Ft. Bend Sheriff briefs reporters on possible motive for mother killing her two daughters

The husband of Christy Sheats, the woman who killed her two daughters, told authorities his wife wanted him to suffer. Jason Sheats told law enforcement that that was her motive behind shooting Taylor and Madison Sheats at their Katy-area home on June 24.

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911 call released from deadly shooting in Fort Bend County

At a press conference Wednesday, authorities said Jason Sheats had no interest in speaking with the media. However, he confirmed eyewitness accounts about what took place.

The motive, in his words, was that his wife wanted him to suffer because she had ample time to shoot and kill him, but she chose not to, and instead gunned down his daughters. Jason Sheats told police his wife knew how much he loved his girls, and by killing them, she knew he would have to live the rest of his life with this memory.

Jason Sheats told police his oldest daughter, Taylor, had a verbal argument with her mother, and after that fight, she tried to ground her in order to prevent her from seeing her fiance. However, Jason Sheats said his wife shouldn't try to ground her 22-year-old daughter, according to authorities. Taylor was to be married just days after she was killed.

The shooting happened after Christy Sheats called a family meeting in which there were expectations of a discussion about a divorce between Jason and Christy, according to authorities. The couple had been married more than 20 years.

We've learned there were several prior calls for service at the Sheats' home.

Christy Sheats was admitted to a private facility on three separate occasions for attempted suicide. She was suffering from depression and taking numerous medications. Authorities say they were told Christy Sheats drank heavily.

As for the gun used in the murders, Jason Sheats said it was given to her by her grandfather who passed in 2012. Authorities say Christy was close with her grandfather and had a "downward spiral" after his death and her mother's subsequent death two months after his passing.

Jason Sheats said Christy tried to apply for a license-to-carry permit but was denied. Authorities are working to confirm that information.

Law enforcement officers say they have not found any writings from Christy Sheats, but they are doing some forensic analysis.

LISTEN: Full 911 call from neighbor/witness of the shooting
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Full 911 Call released from deadly shooting in Fort Bend County

Police say a Fulshear Police Department officer and a Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office deputy responded to the 911 call in the case. Authorities say law enforcement officers saw Sheats shoot at one daughter and when she did not obey the officer's demand to drop the handgun, the Fulshear officer fired one shot, killing her.

Authorities say the shooting started in the home. Taylor was shot first and had a head wound, as well as a back and chest gunshot wound. Madison was shot once in the neck.

The Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office says this will be the last day the sheriff will comment on this case.

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