VIDEO: 12-year-old leads police on high-speed chase

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Newly released dash camera footage shows a high-speed chase as officers pursed a 12-year-old-girl for more than 40 miles.

A 12-year-old girl who allegedly took her grandmother's car on a high-speed joyride with her 5-year-old sister inside was expected to remain in police custody over the weekend.

Investigators said the girl reached speeds of up to 118 mph, sideswiping vehicles and putting lives at risk.
RAW VIDEO: Dash cam footage from chase
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Raw dashcam video from the chase through Montgomery County

The Montgomery County attorney said the dash cam video showed one of the most incredible chases he had ever seen.
It all happened around 5:30 p.m. Friday night, and in the dash cam video, you can see the 12-year-old as she weaves in and out of traffic, squeezing narrowly between two cars.

The video goes on to show the girl drive right through red lights, and literally right into oncoming traffic at rush hour.

Police said there were no injuries, and the driver's young sister, who was in the backseat of the vehicle, was OK.

Officers only learned of what was going on after the 12-year-old girl's grandmother called police, noticing both she and the 5-year-old were gone, along with her car.

Thinking the girls were kidnapped, she called 911. They were able to track the car using OnStar, and after that, the chase ensued.

VIDEO: Two sisters lead police on chase after taking grandmother's vehicle
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Two girls lead police on high-speed chase, Tracy Clemons reports.

The chase went from east Montgomery County to the western edge of the county along Highway 105. OnStar ultimately ended the chase by disabling the vehicle.

County Attorney JD Lambright believed the chase lasted about 40 miles and said it was especially dangerous because it occurred during rush-hour traffic.

Lambright said the 12-year-old will remain in custody until she faced a judge on Tuesday. She will likely face multiple felony charges including evading police and stealing property. The judge was expected to determine if she will remain behind bars.

Lambright said he will likely recommend the girl stay behind bars because the driving was extremely reckless and compared it to a scene "right out of a movie."

"I am amazed no one was killed or seriously injured," Labright said. "Of course the police car, being cautious, every time that it would come to an intersection, the police car slowing down drastically to make sure that he didn't or they didn't - a whole string of police cars didn't - hit anyone, but I can't say the same thing about this 12-year-old driver."

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