IDEA World 2016 convention brings exercise, nutrition trends to health professionals

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More than 14,000 health experts attended the largest health and fitness convention in downtown Los Angeles to get trending information on the mind and body. (KABC)

More than 14,000 fitness pros took delight in test driving the next "big" thing at IDEA World Convention 2016.

There was boxing, pushing, pumping, hanging, cycling, playing and loads of dancing.

While you'll find the latest technology innovations, equipment, choreography and even scientific findings, the one key that's really being driven home at the convention is how to get the de-conditioned moving.

"It has to be fun, like, enough reps and sets and the drama behind fitness," entertainment fitness pro Craig Ramsay said.

A mantra reiterated throughout the breakout sessions is "make fitness fun again."

"There's definitely a disconnect, and there's a message that we need to bring to people to make fitness easier," fitness pro and presenter Abbie Appel said.

It has to be easier and more doable.

"I think trends brings awareness but they're not necessarily always best serving. So we still have to ask that question, 'how is this best serving for me?' and not just run with a trend," exercise physiologist Teri Mosey said.

Yet the move away from a hardcore linear approach to playground was seen throughout the show.

Fit Pro Tony Horton, who won IDEA's Jack LaLanne Award, continues to inspire people with his message.
"If I workout today and I eat right today, I'm better today. If you can understand that and believe that and have faith in that, then I think people will be more consistent," he said.

The bottom line is this:

"There are no right or wrong workouts. It's just what works for you," fitness pro Christine Lusita said.

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