Video: Alligator thrashes as experts try to remove from Texas garage

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Fulshear homeowner finds alligator hiding inside his garage, Pooja Lodhia reports.

A 10-foot long alligator thrashed and hissed, knocked over shelves and did everything he could to resist attempts to remove him from a Texas homeowner's garage.

Douglas Dallmer said he found the gator Thursday night wedged in between a lawnmower and the wall of the garage of his home in Fulshear, Texas. He's still mystified as to how the creature got in there, because his garage doors had been closed all day.

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Fulshear Police have released video of an alligator that was trapped in a garage

When he called in animal experts to remove the 10-foot-long gator, the creature tried to violently fight off attempts to bring it under control. Even when caught in a loop around his neck, he hissed, thrashed and knocked over shelves in the garage trying to fight off capture.

"I'm thankful he wasn't hungry when I walked out the garage," Dallmer laughed. "And I'm thankful all the dogs are inside because he might've had a snack."

The gator was eventually removed by R6 Outfitters and will be released to an alligator farm in New Caney.

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