Bodycam video shows Georgia police officer saving passenger from fiery wreck

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A Georgia police officer's bodycam footage captured his dramatic rescue of a passenger caught in a fiery SUV wreck. (KABC)

A Georgia police officer's quick action helped save the life of a man trapped in an SUV engulfed in flames.

The daring rescue was all captured on Officer Dan Whitney's body camera.

On Aug. 18, Whitney was called to an accident report at 3 a.m. An SUV had lost control and slammed into a tree.

The Athens-Clarke County Police Department officer found the SUV engulfed in flames and a passenger stuck in the back seat.

Whitney used his fire extinguisher to try to fight the flames and then was able to bend the damaged door open enough to free the trapped man.

An explosion from the engine area knocked off his hat and his camera.

Police say the driver of the vehicle died from burn injuries, but the passenger extricated by Whitney survived. Officials believe the passenger would have died without the officer's help.

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