'Fitspiration' posts on social media - pros and cons

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See how fitness experts answer the question, 'Does looking at buff bodies on social media 'depress' or 'impress' followers?' (Ingrid Romero / Instagram)

How do fitness experts answer the question, "Does looking at buff bodies on social media 'depress' or 'impress' followers?"

Considering that trainer Craig Ramsay is in phenomenal shape, his thoughts concerning social media posts stir up a little controversy within the fitness industry.

"I know for me, looking at other people's social media sometimes, I can't compare and I don't feel great about myself - and I'm a fitness expert saying that," said Ramsay, an entertainment fitness expert.

Tracey Mallett, creator of the Booty Barre, feels that those posts inspire. As does body building champion Ingrid Romero.

Both have healthy social media followings that contribute to the success of their fitness business.

"Instagram is wonderful, you've got that nice little caption that you can put next to it, and those words say a million words," said Mallett.

But fitness pro Lisa Wheeler of the Daily Burn website hears differently from her subscribers.

"They find it a little intimidating and they beat themselves up that they don't look like that. They start to feel bad about themselves," said Wheeler.

At a recent fitness convention, fitness expert Christine Lusita summed it up in two words: compare-despair.

"Your best ability may not ever meet the looks of someone else, and when you compare like that, you automatically devalue your strengths and who you are," said Lusita.

An Australian study enlisted 130 women to view "fitspiration" images on Instagram. After viewing the images, researchers found overall mood and self-esteem was low with greater body dissatisfaction.

"Fitness is an inspiration in hopefully taking care of oneself, that makes them inspired. but it can also have the opposite effect," reminded Ramsay.

But all the experts say this challenge is easily remedied.

"Unfollow. Not my cup of tea. Just move on to somebody else," encouraged Mallett.

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