Democrat posts signs linking GOP opponent with Donald Trump

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Posters appearing to align California Assemblyman David Hadley with Donald Trump were paid for by his Democratic opponent Al Muratsuchi. (KABC)

Signs popping up in the South Bay have a Republican politician seeing red.

The posters appear to align California Assemblyman David Hadley with Donald Trump, but that's something Hadley said he is adamantly against.

The signs, bright red with the names "Trump" and "Hadley" written on them, were not paid for by the Republican presidential nominee or the assemblyman representing Manhattan Beach.

"My opponent had paid to print these signs and had paid to put them up," Hadley said.

His opponent, Democrat Al Muratsuchi confirmed that his campaign was behind the signs.

"All we're trying to do is highlight the shared values between Donald Trump and my Republican opponent David Hadley," Muratsuchi said.

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"These signs are dishonest and they're intended to deceive," Hadley said.

Hadley stated he wanted no link to Trump and wanted the signs to come down.

"If David Hadley denounces the shared values that he has with Donald Trump then we'll take down the signs," Muratsuchi said.

"I did not support Trump in the spring in the primary. I was not supporting Mr. Trump or Secretary Clinton in the November general election because I consider both of them unfit for office," Hadley said.

Hadley insisted the signs were a sign of desperation by the Democrat candidate in the tight race for the 66th District State Assembly seat.

"I don't think they would be investing in these kinds of desperate tactics unless they were really concerned about their chances in this race," Hadley said.

"We beat him in the primary and we're looking good for generals," Muratsuchi said.

Muratsuchi said his campaign has never hid the fact that they were behind the signs, and said they even created a Trump-Hadley website.

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