Sports devotion may lead to social bonding and emotional stress

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Those devoted to sport teams may find both camaraderie among fellow fans with wins and stress during big losses. (KABC)

Dodgers fans get fired up during the playoffs, but experts said all that emotion may not be good for you.

Researchers state that after a big loss, depression, anger and people calling in sick tend to spike.

"If you make something too important when it's going well, it's going to be too important when it's going badly," psychologist Joseph Rock with the Cleveland Clinic said.

Experts agreed there were many advantages to having a favorite team such as camaraderie and social networking. Sports allows people to put aside their difference and come together for a common cause.

Studies have shown fans who've bonded with a local team have higher self-esteem and are less lonely.

Kelsey Gordon, 67, of Granada Hills has been a faithful Dodger fan since before there was a Dodger stadium.

"I was at the Coliseum when the Dodgers were playing here in the late '50s," Gordon recalled.

In that time, he's learned to take all the victories and heartbreak in stride. Look at things in perspective is the advice he gives all his fellow fans.

"You're the only one that can make you sad or happy and it depends on what path you choose in life," he said.

The advice from psychologists is to live in the moment, enjoy the game, the company and remember it is OK to dream big.

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