Actress Minnie Driver in court for neighbor fight

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Actress Minnie Driver is having a legal dispute with her Hollywood Hills neighbor, who captured one of their arguments on camera. (KABC)

Actress Minnie Driver spoke in court Wednesday about a legal dispute she is having with her Hollywood Hills neighbor - one that has escalated into alleged confrontations and even a restraining order.

The case revolves Driver's complaints that her neighbor repeatedly blocked access to a driveway they share while he was doing construction at his home.

She testified that her neighbor, 74-year-old Daniel Perelmutter. over the last year and a half repeatedly blocked the shared driveway with construction vehicles, pallets of material and mounds of dirt and debris making it impossible for Driver to have access in and out of her home.

"This is a matter that could have been avoided entirely by just simple neighborly cooperation and courtesy," said Driver's attorney, Ellyn Garofalo.

Driver says Perelmutter was in contempt of two court orders, the most recent in 2006.

Perelmutter and his attorney say the construction was legal and the allegations about what he did are false.

Perelmutter caught at least one of the arguments with Driver on video.

"It became a vicious, angry situation," Perelmutter said.

His attorney claims Perelmutter did not block access.

"We are going to show chapter and verse that what she says occurred did not occur and in fact Mr. Perelmutter's construction folks are going to testify that they bent over backwards to keep out of Ms. Driver's way," said attorney Brandon Fernald.

The court proceeding is expected to last three days. Other neighbors, as well as construction workers, are expected to testify.

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